Gnosis worth getting?

Is it worth getting a Gnosis instead of training Destroyer/Cruiser for L2 and L3 missions? Does anyone have a decent Alpha fit for it? Thanks!

I’ve heard alpha-folk have been satisfied with the gnosis.

I’ve never used one personally, so sorry can’t tell you more.

Train up destroyer / cruiser anyway, you’ll likely use the skills (as necessary prerequsites for other skills if nothing else).

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Personally i use creusers to lvl 2 missions but lvl 3 i did not do it yet

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Thanks for the comments.

I’m an Alpha just starting the game. If it seems as though I love the game and continue to play, and pay to become Omega, then I will build up my other skills. I understand, as Alpha, I can only go up to 5 million skill points and I don’t want to waste any, hahaha.

I am trying a fit with medium hybrid turrets, shield tank, and upgrades to drone damage and turret tracking (with damage control 1). I don’t have the skills for more yet. 261 dps seems low for a battle cruiser though. I will upgrade to tech 2 components when I get skills for them.

Anyway, thanks for the messages up to this point, and any future suggestions or builds that may be offered.

PS - I blew through a Serpentis Den with less than 1/3 damage to my shields. I like it so far.

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Gnosis was one of my first ships bigger than a cruiser when I started out. I still have it and use it from time to time. It’s awesome for lvl 3’s. You won’t be disappointed. Very versatile ship.

When I started out, my build was similar to yours. I upgraded it a few times over the years, and now I think it’s doing about 400 dps and shield boosting over 100 hp/s. It can do some lvl 4’s, but it’s best for lvl 3’s. Also, there’s some pve content that you can’t bring anything bigger than a battle cruiser into, and my Gnosis is great for those. I never felt the need to use any other BC sized ship so far.

When I get some time, I’ll post my build.

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It’s worth it. I used a Gnosis as my first bigger ship, outfitted with 720mm Scout Arty. Handled most things pretty well.

Just don’t do what I did and get baited into a fight outside Hek by a troll in a T2 armor-tanked destroyer…

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Gnosis, in common with the other SoCT ships has role bonuses for all weapons instead of per-level hull bonuses for faction specific weapons. It’s a generalist, not a specialist. It’s an excellent ship for new players because you effectively have all the bonuses out of the box - no training required. CCP has also given away enough of them so they are really inexpensive.

I flew a Gnosis for level 3 missions as a new player and it handled them well. The only downside I recall is the ship is very slow!

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The Gnosis is a very good ship to get, It has bonuses to most weapon types just like the Sunesis and Praxis.


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