L3 Mission Ship/Fit?

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Relatively new player been farming L2 missions as of late w/ my Thrasher. I’d like to move on to L3 but wasn’t efficient with my last build so I thought I’d ask here. Any recommendations for something that a newer player could fly?

Normally the progression is Level 1 Frigate/Destroyer, Level 2 Cruisers, with Level 3 then Battlecruisers are the normal approach. A good pilot in a good Cruiser could handle many of them, but a few are a bit brutal.
To get there you’ll need to train up Cruisers and Battlecruisers along with the appropriate medium weapon system.

Assuming that you like Minmatar ships and projectile weapons (fair enough, I’m Amarrian - I have my preferences) then a Hurricane could be a good objective for you. It will start you building towards a Battleship suitable for Level 4 missions.

Few other thoughts:
The SoCT Battlecruiser, the Gnosis, has a lower skill entry for a new player, but at higher skills the Empire ships will pass it.
Minmatar ships also favour missile skills and there are good reasons for doing missions with a missile ship.
Don’t forget the basics of good engineering skills and good gunnery skills as they really improve a ship’s effectiveness.

Let me know your thoughts and preferences and I’ll sketch out a fit when I’m next online.

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Seconding that Gnosis recommendation.

Currently, the Gnosis as an event ship is about half the price of the standard combat battlecruisers. it also has one of the largest cargo bays and the fastest align time.

The drone bonuses combined with weapon systems bonuses mean that you can use some solid weaponry and not need to worry too much about the elite frigates that would normally get under your guns without web/paints.

For a char with under 15m skill points, the gnosis and praxis are the best and most affordable ships that you can have for mission running.

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…so the other ones cost 2x tritanium now? That is outrageous :wink:

He’s talking price, not craft mats.

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Can someone recommend Gnosis fits for L3 missions?

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