The power of 2 (players)

Hello all,

I have two chars, both about 60mil SP, however Ive never been able to afford to have the both omega at once.

They are both now omega at once.

Is there anything I can do now that I couldn’t previously do solo? In particular, can I do level 5 security missions now? I’ve always wanted to but was told a solo player could not.

Or is there anything else that two people can do quite well?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Stay safe! Thanks!

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You can gank miners!


The main advantage of two omegas is being able to see two different places at the same time. Hauling is probably the biggest beneficiary of moving from 1 to 2 omegas, especially jump freightering since it is possible to light your own cynos.

The other obvious perks is that you can make twice as much stuff and have twice as many market orders.

I personally would not use two accounts for missions unless it was just for fun. I don’t think 2 accounts is really worth it unless you have to have them for the content you want to do.

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I like doing a few things, one is escorting and scouting for myself through low and nullsec and even wormholes. The escort/scout flys an interceptor, the other is what ever I’m trying to get from one place to another. The other thing I get a kick out of is flying a Praxis in sites I can’t do, while using a Gnosis packed to the gills with logistics stuff to make it possible.
The Gnosis has command burst modules, remote shield and armor, remote signal boosters and as much tank as I can pack into it. Oh, and repair drones, shield, armor and hull.
For what ever reason this is very fun, and with a few exceptions (Trigs mainly) the Gnosis rarely gets to much damage. In the Praxis I keep a set of repair drones just in case I need to fix the Gnosis. It’s all pretty self contained, you only have to stop when you run out of ammo. Oh, and the Gnosis can hold a LOT of extra ammo.
For PvP you can use one of your selves as bait, there are a lot of ways of doing that, or just to tackle someone while you pounce with something with a lot of dps. Again, there’s a lot of ways of doing this too, I have mastered exactly none of them.


Two works for missions, while one kills, other one can go scoop loot, then first can go kill, then the second can go scoop loot.

you can solo level 5 missions. All you need is a carrier like a Nidhoggur or Thanatos

2 characters =/= 2 players

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  • Scout for yourself
  • Provide your own cynos
  • Double your DPS in most PvE activities
  • Dual box destroyers in the Abyss
  • Provide your own remote assistance in a gatecamp
  • Step up your F1 monkey game by bringing two DPS ships to fleets.
  • Have a ganker and a loot scooper when ganking.
  • Whatever else you can think of.

Controlling two characters might seem daunting at first, but it gets really easy with practice and the use of hotkeys. Moreover, it will force you to improve your execution, which will make you a better pilot when single boxing.

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The possibilities are really endless. If you’re thinking level 5’s… you can have your main be the Carrier pilot that does the missions, while the alt is maybe the faction puller, the hauler, the prober, etc. Your alt can train into something that can light cynos to get your mission Carrier around lowsec.

Typically alts will do what your main cannot due to faction standings issues, security status, that sort of thing. Dual boxing is really a lot of work but that’s also doable.

Train one to be your Cyno fleet call guy/gal
Train the other to be able to jump freighters
Buy Low at Jita then Jump to Rens with belly full of cheap goods to sell High

Which one is the Master, and which one is the Apprentice?

–Darth Gadget

I only play Eve when I can have two Omega accounts.

It may not be super efficient but I really did enjoy running level 4’s with two Paladins. The cool thing was coming into the mission and using the MJD to position them for most efficient range tanking with Scorch, and so one could always cover the other against small stuff that got past the drones.

Biggest benefit is the scout, many people seem to forget that playing Eve without a scout makes you so much more vulnerable to gankers.

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2 nightmares can be very powerful in null there is some awesome videos on youtube about it
the bonus to afterburner + the tracking bonus lazor application + that giant 70 km bubble … ulala

What is that? Can you explain?
What sort of bubble?

there is a thing called encounter surveillance system that pick a SMALL fraction of all the null sec rating of the system and anyone can go there and take, there is a anti warp anti microwarpdrive GIANT 70 km buble around it , with 2 blinged sansha nightmare ships some guys on youtube made wonderful videos destroying a LOT of crabs outnumbered 5, 6 ,7 x 1 ., the ships have afterburner bonus and can project very well because of the lazors and the tracking bonus

you can use a filament in any region that take you to null, jump to the ESS and have some fun,

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