Caldari Navy Drake VS Standard Drake

I have been drooling over the CND for some time. Recently have decided to purchase one. Not because I need it, but because I want it. 8 HAM’s on a BC are you kidding me? However, at the station right before purchase, I noticed something about the bonus situation. The standard Drake gets a 50% damage bonus to Kinetic Missile Damage. The CND gets…NOTHING!!! No damage bonus whatsoever? So what gives? Why bother giving me 2 extra launcher slots but take away my huge damage bonus? I do notice it has a range bonus and ex radius one. Was this ship supposed to be some kind of long range anti-frigate boat? If so I am VERY disappointed. I was so looking forward to flying around in my shiny new ship and taking down L3 missions with style. Now what am I supposed to do?

The CND has better overall damage application - but yes, the basic Drake actually does more raw damage.

cause ccp doesnt balance ship logic very well… thats why they have to rebalance ■■■■ five ■■■■■■■ times to get it right.


Drake Navy Issue has much higher resists, missile and targeting range, and better engagement against smaller targets. it’s more of a brick than the Drake. Most navy versions of ships are more of a sidegrade than an upgrade. Before you go crying about balance, look at the differences between ALL the numbers between these two ships. You’ll find more often than not that Navy ships are just bonused towards a slightly different role than their T1 counterparts (ex. Navy Dominix is much more suited for brawling with Heavy Drones With its bonuses and fitting room for guns. The T1 Domi is much much more geared towards the use of Sentry Drones.)

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What, even more? Have you ever sat in one? I did. I have no complaints about her but the price tag.

Umm, you could always still use the CND for level 3’s. Any drake variant is incredibly overkill for LvL3 missions so don’t worry yourself.

Remember though, it’s hardly ever about DPS, but Application.


If the cnd isn’t kintic locked and applies well to small rats. I’d consider it a upgrade since you could apply optimum damage to the rat type you’re fighting.

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yea I agree. I love the idea of having these, as you so intelligently put it, sidegrade hulls. :slight_smile:

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