HAC and Command Ship bonuses difference

Curious why only Gallente and Minmatar HAC and CS get an armor or shield boost bonus on one of their ships while Amarr/Caldari get none for either? What is the logic behind this.

I recall in years past nighthawk had a shield boost bonus etc. Just curious what the logic is here

maybe(maybe) because it does not need it ?

The CS have more DPS, more tank, than their T1 and faction variations. With the recent changes they have became real monsters and I would not be surprised that people use them instead of HACs

Because the Amarr and Caldari get hitpoint amount increases.

Traditionally Amarr and Caldari do buffer fits, Gallente and Minmater do active fits. (at least thats the lore answer)

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they should remove all armor and shield rep bonus from every amarr and caldari hull then to fit with lore and be uniform.

gal and min are for small fleet and are designed to be more self sufficient hence they have active tank buffs, and skirmish links.

the cal/amarr are more for fleet boosts so they have resists/hp bonuses and info links. All this works much better with logistics support

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