Why CCP gives so much love to amarrians?


I just new in this game, like 6 months, time enough for knowing about ships, bonuses, fittings or at least the basics.

I always belive that Minmatar has very bad frigates, the worst of the game but I think that Minmatar has very good Cruisers, BC, etc

Now, I even think thats its just my perception because I love Minmatar and makes me agry belive that others has very good ships and very good characteristics. Just for example, we know Minmatar ships are very versatile but you know, its like that friend we have that knows a little about everything but is not very good in nothing… well I think those are Minmatar frigates.

Now look Amarrians, they have the Punisher, its amazingly tankie. Look Caldari, they have amazing range and damage. Gallente, drones and damage as well. Minmatar, they have ehmm ah… versatile.
But like I say maybe is just my perception but…

Now I see the new factional ships and you can’t argue with this, Coercer NI has 4 adicional bonuses!! WT*** and all other just have one. And I know you gonna say, “yea but CCP removed 1 bonus from Coercer and now you have only 3 and…” come on guys! Now is when I know that is not my perception, I dont know the reason, maybe for the lore or I dont know but CCP loves Amarr.

You know what is the bonus for Thraher Fleet Issue? 15% reduction MWD signature radius penalty… vs (ok we say 3 bonuses) for Coercer NI.

Ok, it makes me angry but I can live with that, not problem… just want to know WHY?

Fly safe

PD. Sorry for my bad english.
PD2. CCP dont hate me for this, I just want to know WHY, for the rest i love you because you make a beautiful game.

I mean, you Minmatars have the Breacher, which can be dual tanked, dual-propped and dish out considerable DPS. The Rifter also just got a nasty update, and the Fleet Thrasher is quite the nuisance.

The Muninn got shaftet, but the Zealot wasn’t made any better and is still the worst HAC.

Minmatar had all the glory for far too long. They even have the best race introduction video of all 4 empires. It was time that they got a bit of a downer again.

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One of the delights of Eve is the difference in the ships, the niches they occupy and the different way they fly.

The Punisher is a good example - yes, it’s a gold brick of a ship, but is comparatively slow and only has two mid-slots that limit your ability to control the range of a fight. It’s not just “DPS and EHP” you need to be aware of. The Coercer has similar problems. Yes, Amarr ships are tanky, but they are slow.

Minmatar ships are fast - capless weapons also allow for easier use of prop-mods. Alarming fast - quite odd after spending my early years flying Amarrian hulls.

The Caldari fight at range, they don’t brawl like the Amarr do. The Gallente are about active armour tanks rather than the passive mass of the Golden Fleet ships. I fly Caldari less and Gallente hulls even more infrequently.

Likewise the different weaponry have advantages and disadvantages beyong just raw DPS - tracking and fall off are both very important, as well as damage type options.

Generally the ships are well balanced. There are a few that I’m not sure of, but they have their roles.
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Speaking as an Amarr, we have the statistically worst ships after the Caldari.

Nice to see you, Hyker. Yes, Minmatar frigates could use improvement. The Rifter is pretty good now, the Breacher is always one of the best in the game, but the Slasher needs to be better. One problem all of these ships have is damage. All other t1 combat frigs can easily put out 250+ dps, but it is a real challenge on the Minmatar ships especially. The Firetail even has pretty low damage output, and the VFI puts out even less. I want the Slasher to get just a little faster (or swap the Atron and Executioner’s speeds) so the TD fit can really do work. It just is a touch too slow. A speed increase to 440 from 430, plus a small mass increase (like 1.125m kg from 1.075m kg) could make it a lot more competitive, in my opinion.

Atron should be 410m/s, Condor 400, Executioner 420, and Slasher 440.

And yeah, I don’t really like the thrasher fleet either.

As others have said, the breacher alone is a beastly frigate. It is incredibly versatile: it can be fit many different ways and – on top of that – these different fits are very competitive.

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