Struggling with amarr ships

I’m struggling with fitting up amarr ships, and they seem to be a lot harder to fit than minmatar or caldari ships. Whenever I start fitting them it seems like I can find the right balance to keep from running out fitting space, and the results are often times disappointing.

Am I approaching amarr ships wrong, or are they just worse overall than the other factions ships?

It would be hard to answer that question without knowing how you are actually trying to fit them, which ships, etc.

@Ahrana, I agree with @lila_83 - can you give us an example of what you are trying to fit?

One consideration is if you are used to fitting shield based ships with an oversized shield module - for example a large module on a cruiser rather than a medium module (such as a medium booster) then the same idea doesn’t work with armour fits. The armour repair modules especially are much more capacitor per unit repair efficient. So a medium repairer is used on a medium hull.

Otherwise, no, I can’t think of a reason for the issues - it’s worth telling us what you are trying to do: I’ve a lot of experience with Amarrian hulls so should be able to give you some pointers.

I fly small amarr things, usually tormentors and coercers, and they just feel like paper with a single armor rep + 2 typed energized membranes (em and therm when flying around amarr anons). But with just that fitting I still get melted, and if I don’t stack a bunch of cap mods I run out of cap mid fight.

I’ve been trying to fit beams to give me more range, but I can only fit the dual beam because there is no fitting space to fit the larger one. I just feel like I’m doing things terribly wrong.

You aren’t doing it wrong. You are just used to different ship designs and the different ways they get fitted.

As with all ships it is a balance between firepower, defence and manoeuvrability - where in that triangle you build is a personal preference. Different Factions also bias towards different positions in that relationship. Amarrian ships tend to hit hard, have a mass of armour and lower repair while manoeuvring like a gold brick. They ain’t subtle.
A different beast to a more agile Caldari ship forever dancing out of range.

The Coercer I know well - the Dual Beam Laser fit is a common one, the drop in performance from Small Beam Lasers is minimal, mainly range, and compensated for because you can rapidly change crystals as the range to target changes. You are tending to fit more for punch with a Coercer than for defence - most destroyers are a little weak in defence.
Training a few levels of Weapon Upgrades and Advanced Weapon Upgrades does help a lot - they reduce the fitting demands of the weapons. I assume you’ve trained the basic fitting skills to give you a good PG and CPU to start with.
Weirdly there’s a good shield fit for a Dual Beam Coercer, but it’s skill demanding.

I frequently have to put a ancillary current router rig in the Coercer - you can build a reasonable Dual Beam fit that way based on a DC2, Heat Sink, Small Rep in the lows, Afterburner and Cap Recharger in the mids. Put a Semiconductor rig in and a collision accelerator and that works nicely for me for mission running and light ratting.

The important two things: You don’t need cap stability - you won’t need everything running all at the same time. Don’t run the armour repairer until it is going to repair less than the armour you’ve lost - trying to repair to over 100% is pointless. The best way to reduce damage taken is “kill them quickly”.
The different crystals use different amounts of capacitor - Standard is the lowest cap usage - carry a set. I get 190dps at 20km with the above fit with Navy Standard. And that’s cap stable with either the AB or the repairer running. Even with Navy MF its stable - 280dps at 10km.
Enough to smack Dagan in the face good and hard.

The Tormentor is normally a close in ship - Gattlings are a good place to start, with an afterburner and some form of range control (webifier for rats). Drones as well. Nice little ship - much under-rated and probably the better Amarrian PvP frigate at the moment.

Sorry if that’s a rambling response:

  • Don’t worry about “not fitting the biggest guns” - what you normally loose is range, but the fast swapping of crystals help a lot, and the small guns track better as well.
  • Don’t be fixated on cap-stability. Learn to fly the ship within it’s limits.

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