Rupture Fitting for a special PvP

¡Hi dudes!
I have a question, ¿Which is the best general fitting if you have a Rupture to start fighting Amarr Capsuleers?, i was seeing the armor, shield, etc attributes of their ships and drones and I finished a little confused about which turrets, mid, small slots, etc I should have to counter her general attack mode and defend myself using the rupture role in the most efficient way as an alpha mid-month player.


PD: ¿This fitting will let me very vulnerable aganist other races??

Well you need to look at your opponent as well.
Amarr ships deal only EM and Thermal damage. So you should chose the hardest tank you can fit against them. That would be a armor tank. But armor tank will lower your damage.
Also you need to find out their (90% armor) tank weakness and load the best counter ammo. Same for drones.
Amarr ships are not very fast (there are exeptions) so kiting on distance would be a thing. Remember that you have to hold your enemy with tackle. Your options are limited then of course. You can also try to get closer and orbit them fast. Lasers have better tracking then projectile weapons. So… choices…
PS: there is no jack of all trades thing. rock paper scissor.

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