Rupture pve beginner fit - tank choice

(Kalahira Sarlain) #1

Hello people ! As an alpha without too much time I’d eventually like to acquire a Rupture, but I would need some help to choose between shield and armor tank, as given my lack of experience I don’t really know how either would perform in battle. My goal is mostly pve, but I’d like to be able to defend myself in pvp, or if my corp ever requires my involvement in a skirmish (so I have no need for tackle modules). Here are the two fits I found most convenient, tested on Osmium:

[Rupture passive shield tanking fit]

  • Highs : 4**650mm medium scout artillery I, phased plasma M
    Empty slot (nosferatu would be good but the power grid requirements are way too high)
  • Mids : 10mn monopropellant enduring afterburner
    Large azeotropic shield extender
    Large azeotropic shield extender
    Adaptive invulnerability field I
  • Lows : Damage control II
    Counterbalanced compact gyrostabilizer
    Counterbalanced compact gyrostabilizer
    Tracking enhancer II
    Tracking enhancer II
  • Rigs : Core defence field purger I, full rack

[Rupture active armor fit] (alpha skills makes this fit even more of a nightmare than it usually is, so I have to use two ACR rigs instead of one to fit the cap battery)

  • Highs : 4**650mm medium scout artillery I, phased plasma M
    Empty slot
  • Mids : 10mn monopropellant enduring afterburner
    Large compact pb-acid cap battery
    F-12 enduring tracking computer, optimal range script
    F-12 enduring tracking computer, tracking speed script
  • Lows : Damage control II
    Counterbalanced compact gyrostabilizer
    Counterbalanced compact gyrostabilizer
    Medium automated carapace restoration device
    Limited energized adaptive nanomembrane
  • Rigs : Ancillary current router I
    Ancillary current router I
    Auxilary nano pump I

Now both have pros and cons… Advantages of shield fit : much bigger ehp, twice as much as with the armor fit (24k vs 12.4k), much lighter on the cap and cheaper to fit (no need for that ancillary current router which amounts to 1/3 of the ship’s price), almost passive fit and therefore mostly immune to neuts. Advantages of armor fit : better, active restorative capabilities, stronger EM resists, no downside to either speed or sig radius.
So what’s best for pve and occasional pvp ? Assuming an unwanted duel takes place, is 24k ehp decent enough for a cruiser that one can hope to outlast the opponent, or is is better to have much less buffer but being able to heal the vessel at will ?

Sorry for the big wall of text, and thanks for your advices ! Have a very nice day :slight_smile:

(DeMichael Crimson) #2

Well, I do PvE and am partial to shield tanks for the sole reason that it usually gives time to warp out if the tank breaks.

Also all of my shield fits, either active or passive, almost always have a Power Diagnostic System module added to the fit since that mod gives an increase to the following stats:
Shield hit points
Shield recharge rate
Capacitor capacity
Capacitor recharge rate
Powergrid amount

I’d probably replace one of the Gyrostabilizers with it. Also with shield tanks the shield EM resist on Tech 1 ships is 0% and needs to be plugged. I usually use Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I rig to plug that hole. The other 2 rig slots can be fit with T2 purger rigs for passive shield tanks or T2 Capacitor Control Circuit rigs for active shield tanks.

If possible fit a small missile launcher as well, with drones it can help take out any NPC frigates that get in close under your arty’s.

Unfortunately I can’t comment about how shield tanks work for PvP content.

(Kalahira Sarlain) #3

Thanks ! The PDS bonuses are cool but they seem too low to warrant the sacrifice of a low slot imo. Moreover, in the aftermentioned shield fit, the total EM resist reaches 34.4%, which looks ok - freeing up a rig for a third purger and in turn allowing the lows to be cleared of power relays and fully dedicated to offense (save for the damage control module).I’ll need to test that a bit. And of course yes drones will come into the mix, though alpha Minmatars have very minimal skills in this field.

(DeMichael Crimson) #4

The PDS will increase your Effective HP’s and help make your Cap more stable as well as afford you more fitting options with increased powergrid.

As for shield resists, you want to get those as high as possible since that’s what will keep the incoming damage at a minimum amount.

I’ve been doing PvE content for over 9 years and always fly Minmatar ships fit with shield tanks. But hey, don’t take my advice, fit up your ship however you like. That’s what makes this game great, there’s a vast amount of different ways to fit ships. Course some fits are better than others and hopefully soon you’ll learn how to do good fit up’s.

(Do Little) #5

Rupture has no hull bonus for tank and can be successfully fit for shield or armor. For PVP, where you will want mid slots for tackle an armor tank will be chosen. For PVE where tackle is not required, a shield tank will allow you to use your low slots for damage modules.

I will echo the advice already offered to use 2 of your low slots to supplement your shield tank with a damage control and a power diagnostic unit. I would choose mission specific hardeners rather than the invulnerability field - explosive and kinetic against Angel, with 1 large extender. An extender rig and 2 purgers. Fit T2 where the alpha skillset permits.

Always keep your ship moving with the afterburner running - orbit a wreck or some other item in the mission at full speed. This will significantly reduce incoming damage.

(Andrew Indy) #6

Personally , unless you need the Fitting room/Cap I don’t really like PDSs. The tanking bonuses are really just not that good.

As for the PVE side, given you current fits I think the Amor fit is the better of the 2. Raw EHP is not really too much of an issue in low end PVE and the extra active tank and application you get from that fit will out wieght the EHP difference.

For PVP its another story altogether, for a plain DPS roll in a fleet you want EHP, mobility and Resistances. the Shield fit would be the better of the 2 for that however its far from optimal (its hard to find a fit that does both and is optimal for either)

(Kalahira Sarlain) #7

Thanks everyone ! @Andrew_Indy, what’s a PDG ? And how would you make that shield fit optimal ? Would you use active shield boosters ? I hate those.

(A bad Man) #8

If you’re going with the passive shield fit, consider fitting some shield power relays in your lowslots. These increase your shield recharge rate at the expense of capacitor recharge (which you don’t really need as you are not fitting an active tank or energy/hybrid weaponry).

(Kalahira Sarlain) #9

Yes, I wanted to go with field purger rigs instead, are they not equivalent ?

(A bad Man) #10

They are, but there’s no reason to not have both.

(Kalahira Sarlain) #11

Being able to ft more gyros and TEs would be the reason^^ The tracking speed on medium arty looks awful

(Andrew Indy) #12

Sorry PDS

The issue is that there are alot of aspects required for PVE that are not for PVP, its almost impossble to get a fit that does not sacrifice one way or the other to be able to do both PVE and PVP.

PVE requires sustained Tank, DPS and Cap and for the most part range control is much easier. PVP you need buffer or burst tank, tackle and range control is more important/ harder to maintain.

Long story short, its best to just ahve 2 ships, one for PVE and one for PVP. The exact fits for both are going to depend on the PVE you are doing and the fleet requirements for PVP.

(Sara Starbuck) #13

Basically shield is better against stuff like angels/guristas and armor is better when you fight sansha/blood raider. The passive arty rupture and hurricane were nice easy ships to start my career.

(Buggs LeRoach) #14

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