Amarr Victor? More like Amarr Splattor ( over my bulkhead )

The Abaddon has a Capacitor problem, even though that is the guns.

The APOC has a capacitor problem, even though that is the guns.

The Navy-geddon & N-APOC both have Capacitor problems.

Only the Neuty-geddon can stay in space for a decent amount of time.


Could this be why Amarr is in decline so much?

And when are they gonna fix it for their Ships of the Line?


Just noticing this, & it has me curious.

Amarrian ships take good capacitor skills, and appropriate fittings. The Abbadon is particularly challenging and is a poor mission running ship since it works best with logistics support when it is a damage dealing high resistance armoured brick.
The Apocalypse is a better mission ship, the range bonus translates into more damage as shorter range crystals can be used, or could be fitted as a very long range sniper.
All ships are a balance of characteristics, skills and flying styles against the task you are using it for. You don’t use a hammer to cut timber.

I suspect you had a bad experience:

I would be curious as to your thinking behind that fit.

The problem is definitely your knowledge or lack there of.

An apoc with pulses is one of the favoured mission ships, and it doesn’t have cap problems. The baddon is more a fleet ship. It’s a beast with support.

Look up some fits on eve uni wiki.


Well known Amarr problem. CCP did ‘some’ fixing of it a while back, but have failed to continue on with the rest of the fixing.
While certain fits that work exist, a ship that can cap itself out running just it’s guns is just silly, and some Amarr ships can do that. Lasers used to be a lot more powerful (Back in EVE’s dark ages), and as a result the oppressive cap cost was justified. Since then Lasers (& AC’s yes) have fallen by the wayside in the balance changes. So the cap cost is no longer as justified.


An early experiment. Was taken out by 4 ships at the same time. Few T1’s would have survived that gang that got me. I’m new to Low-sec.

It was designed to be disposable and snipe away. Nothing more. Cap-wise it held ok, strangely enough. Well, until it was mugged.

Indeed. It is clearly the guns.

If the pirates can fix it well ( the Bhaalgorn & Nightmare ) then why hasn’t Amarr stolen that tech? They constantly rumble with the Sansha and Blood Raiders.

And if it is a case of them knowing that lasers are a bit of a biasnatch to balance then why only 1 option for Missiles?

It’s an interesting part of the story. Just wondering when they will fix it as part of the story

Mega and rokh do as well. I think even a hyp does, and that only has 6 turrets.

Pretty much every gun boat that uses rails or beams.


Yeah, fair point. Which doesn’t change how silly it is. It just means the sillyness is wider.
It’s also pretty much only an issue for BS these days, since they did work at the frigate & cruiser level on it for hybrids & lasers.

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Look at Eve Uni fits and zkillboard fits for your Abaddon…

Yes you were hit by 4 ships, but any one of them on its own would of been able to take you down. And not cause of your capacitor issues.

Experimentation is good, however you can research the two greatest fitting failings before you undock. Naming mixing turret types and dual active tanking.

Capacitor is something that needs to be managed by pulsing mods that use heaps of cap, like your MWD, shield booster and armour repper.

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Nah, just get into Ravens.

You need to mix guns to stop someone getting under your big guns too much, but that means you lose some of that range deeps.

Missiles just don’t have that issue.

Job done. Let Amarr fall.

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Yep she does :frowning:

Will do, but…

I can’t help but feel that someone needs to take a big cable and run it from a high slot into the Capacitor. Call it a Cap Super-charger, and make it all hardcore looking or summat.

A utility that helps with Cap Issues is probably much needed.

Wow that baddon fit is something. There was a guy about couple weeks ago complaining similar things and got almost same lol fitted Apoc.

Amarrian ships are good and always been popular in combat but with specific roles and layouts.

Anyway I remember we got one guy made really angry so he undock his baddon and owned 6 of us, was hilarious rage overkill ;))

Its called a nos.

You just don’t know how to fit yet, like your idea on mixing guns is off base. Not a big deal, we all started knowing little about fits.


A lot of these ships that have this issue of guns alone capping them out simply don’t have any utility highs at all. NOS also don’t help when fighting at any range. Which is a common thing with Battleships.

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Something Baltec once reminded me of; you don’t need a utility high to fit a nos. You can swap out a gun if you really want to.

Sure, you ‘can’. At which point you are sacrificing DPS.
If you are having to do that simply to run your guns then that ship is not balanced against the rest of the class which get their full DPS without making such sacrifices.
There are a bunch of ways to make it work, but that doesn’t make them balanced.

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Here I come your logi bro, and never been like BS are for solo only.

Like tiddle says, the battleship fights youre thinking of are fleet fights where you will have cap support anyways.

The small gang and solo BS fights happen within Nos range.

I do agree on the NOS point ( Missile Neuty-geddons are my favorite Amarr hull ), but…

A main ship of the line that can’t operate outside of fleet properly, is a dead ship-of-the-line. Which is kinda my point.

The Nightmare & Bagel fix it, & the Pallie can do the same trick too, so… When will this important gun-tech trickle down? Will we see a resurgent Amarr Empire when they do?

I see no point in buying a NAPOC or Navy-geddon when I can just buy a Bagel or Nightmare at this stage. No wonder the Amarr Empire is in decline.