Changes in the energy consumption of Ammar laser ships are needed

Good day to all. I hope I’m writing in the right topic.
Probably the topic has been raised repeatedly, but still the need to change the laser guns and Ammar ships, in my opinion, is overdue. Moreover, it has been overdue for a long time.
Currently, all laser guns, in fact, do not fire a laser beam, but the energy of the ship’s storage.
At the same time, the energy consumption of these laser guns is, to put it mildly, inadequately high, and the so-called “bonuses” that these guns give are actually leveled on Ammar ships.
Take, for example, the Abbadon ship. It has 10 slots for turrets. It’s kind of implied that this is a ship that, in theory, can do a lot of damage. But as soon as you insert 10 Pulse laser turrets, your ship is not something that is not capastable, it has enough energy for 4 minutes at most. I note that these are only guns installed, if you add more HeatSink modules to them, the situation with the ship’s energy becomes even worse. If you install armor repair modules and armor active resistance modules, the ship’s energy will not be enough for anything at all. It is necessary to install either additional energy banks or ship energy recovery accelerators in all the middle slots. And in the ship modification slot, except for the modules for accelerating the recovery of the ship’s energy and the volume of storage, there is simply no point in putting something else.
Even worse, the situation is with Lara’s Tachyon-type turrets. There, in addition to the problems with the lack of energy of the ship, there is also the problem that they simply do not get out due to the lack of CPU of the ship.
There are similar problems, to a greater or lesser extent, with other ships using laser weapons.
At the same time, what kind of “bonus” do we get against the background of problems with the energy consumption of laser installations. Endless T1 lenses (fractional and T2 still break) and a very controversial “bonus” for distance? In my opinion, these bonuses are useless with such an “energy debuff” of the ship, as with milk fish. At the same time, laser turrets have the worst tracking in the class, reduced damage compared to, for example, hybrid weapons and extremely poor falloff compared to hybrid and ballistic weapons.
Are there any examples of good laser-armed ships? There is, for example, a Paladin who tanks with a shield. And, of course, a Nightmare that has no special problems with the energy of the ship and not only laser turrets, but also MWD fit into it without problems.
I believe that it is necessary to reduce the energy consumption of all laser turrets, because, again, their energy consumption is inadequately high. If you do not want to reduce the power consumption of laser turrets, increase either the storage capacity of the Amara ships or the recovery rate of the ship’s storage. This is abnormal when the storage capacity goes to negative values only with turrets installed, without other modules. Again, I want to note that Naval ships, for the most part, tank with armor, and armor repair modules have a fairly large amount of storage space.

Shield paladin?
MWD nightmare?

May you burn in eternity for your heresy


It’s not my fault, these are all the energy consumption parameters of laser guns. I would love to fly on religiously correct Naval ships and tank with armor, but I can’t, because I always have to insert crutches into the ship so that it can somehow conserve the ship’s energy.

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I just don’t understand why you should use Amarr ships now, there are such problems with the ship’s energy and causes only 2 types of damage. And most importantly, you can’t do any other damage with turrets.

A sacrifice is required. For you infidels it means you have to sacrifice a slot or 2, usually a mid slot or if those are scarce low or rig slot, for a cap mod, there are plenty of options. Other options include nos in high slot, rats have unlimited cap that you can leach ,or ammo with a lower cap drain, also implants and i think there are drugs too. There are also skills that increase cap regen and capacity and lower turret cap consumption, ships you listed require almost perfect skills to utilize properly

It’s a big sacrifice, don’t you think? You don’t have to sacrifice two slots. Using the example of Abbadon, we sacrifice all the medium slots to expand the ship’s generator and its charging speed, as well as similar modifications of the ship. And what do we get from this sacrifice in the end? Mediocre gun tracking and only 2 types of damage. A wonderful exchange, for such a sacrifice.
Look, for the sake of interest, how ships of other nations are equipped. Yes, I think you know yourself.

You may have missed my edit so ill put it in a new post

For me, the Ammars are the main nation. I pumped out all the necessary skills at 5.

Cap batteries are your friend.


That is, do you think that it is necessary to use Car batteries to solve the problem that guns take your ship’s energy into the negative, only when installing laser turrets and the absence of any other modules, is this normal? It seems to me, to put it mildly, a very STUPID decision, to say the least.

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Please sell me your Abaddon.


Use a battery, faction one.

Use a LARGE battery, potentially a faction one.

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Energy turrets main advantage is greater optimal range and no reload, you can also shoot rainbows if you are in to that sort of thing.

Adapt and learn to exploit their advantages


I wasn’t talking about Raider Paladin, but Abbaddon.

In order to take advantage of the benefits that you have indicated, 2 things are necessary. 1. So that it would simply fit (for example, Tachyon on Abbadon) 2. It should have enough ship energy. Because when you insert the same 8 guns, your ship’s energy goes into negative values. What’s the use of these recharge and distance bonuses if I have the ship’s energy at negative values? I repeat the question, why do we need Lobster ships at all, if in order for them to be stable or at least have enough charge for more than 10 minutes, you need to use crutches? For some reason, there is no similar problem on other ships.

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Changes nothing. If you can’t fit your paladin and Navy Aug properly I’m not going to assume you can fit your Abaddon properly. Having said that the Abaddon just isn’t a great mission platform, for various reasons.

Did I write somewhere that I have problems with the paladin? Everything is fine with the paladin. I am writing about t1 ships and Abbadon in particular.

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I can see why you’re not good at fitting and finding solutions.

Amarr ships tend to have more high and low slots than others you can use those spare slots for cap management.

Abaddon works best with a passive tank, if you want to active tank it, for pve for instance, you need to sacrifice something, usually dps

It seems that I am not being understood correctly. I’m not talking about the type of tank, the damage, and so on. I say that when installing ONLY laser turrets, without installing other modules, the ship’s energy consumption goes into negative values. It’s not normal. And the bonuses I get for this do not relate at all to the energy consumption of laser turrets.