Advice please: projectiles VS missiles for sniping

I apologize for the totally n00b question but now I am at the crossroad of choosing a weapon specialization. I have basic skills for projectiles and missiles but the further path is very skill and time intense - and I just can’t decide. Maybe in time it won’t make much of difference because eventually you can learn everything. But again, one has to learn not only skills but most importantly - tactics and get experience.

I know that missiles are most popular in Eden but I am actually quite impressed by projectiles so far - at least in PVE they deal quite a lot of damage in comparison. Don’t know about PVP - I was blown up by everything. Sometimes I think that a pro ganker could finish my ship off by throwing just stones :smiley:

Lasers eat the capacitor, I think that might be ok for very short skirmishes. Though my Amarrian friend advocates them strongly. Possibly it’s down to to what you are used to?

What would you advice?

@Aiko_Danuja, you have some experience in this, could I ask for your opinion too?

Thank you all in advance!

It doesn’t actually matter.

Every option has pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, and anybody who tells you that they know what is best - you can be certain that person doesn’t know what they are talking about. Even if they are right (which they aren’t), by the time you train everything, patches and updates will change the balance.

Just pick what you think sounds cool, and learn to use it - eventually you will understand how the attributes affect your playstyle, and experiment with alternatives.


Thank you very much, @Aiko_Danuja !
This is actually what I was afraid to hear but knew it coming - all is balanced more or less equally :slight_smile: And then frequently rebalanced.
My problem is that all weapon types are cool for me at the moment, and I would love all 4 of them on my ship :smiley: Choices choices!
Fly (un)safe! :cookie:

You don’t want to do that. Mixing weapon types is not generally a great idea, whether pve or pvp. Look at ship bonuses when choosing what ammo you want to use. If it’s bonused for projectiles, don’t use missiles, vice versa.


Lasers are coolest, though. More elegant weapons for the civilised.

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The only good amarr ships are arby/proph/curse. Neuts in the highs, drones in the skies son.

Anyways, artys are hitscan so there’s that.

Honestly eventually you’ll probably get most weapon skills.

Most PvE content is easy mode with missiles. Most PvP uses pew pew.

If you go with arties and go minnie, you can do good in PvP/PvE too.


I mean lets be honest, the only thing Amarr ships are really good for is holding a space rave.


Biggest issue is Missile time to target, all other turret systems are near instant target engagement.

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A tacky one at that. No pasties for sure.

I don’t mix weapons, in the beginning it’s not even viable because of the skills - and the experience using those weapons.
But theoretically it’s possible with the SoCT ships that have good bonuses for all weapon types. I might be tempted to try that in the distant future :smiley:

Are the SoCT ships so unpopular because of their sluggishness?

Entropic Disintegrator are the new coolest kid on the block - move aside, Amarrians :stuck_out_tongue:

My problem is that I am also very interested in… exploration, manufacturing, mining - each area is uniquely fascinating thanks to the decades of the CCP devs’ hard work.
That’s a lot of skills to cover :smiley:

Thank you! That’s what I wanted to hear!
Though, I go with a breeze through missions with projectiles as well - so far even a destroyer is enough for L2 missions.

By lucky accident I’m both :smiley: And even more luckier to have friends from all races with their own unique views and advices :hugs:

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts!

Talking of which, any advices on neutralizers, pretty please? :slight_smile:
P.S. Vexor/Ishtar fall into this category too

I have used a neut ish to great effect. Basically just neuts or you can go a neut/nos mix if you’d like. Tackle, neut and let drones eat them.

Once they are capped out, can turn off big ones and let smalls go. Def need a cap booster too.

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Lvl 1 Frig
lvl 2 dessie/cruiser
lvl 3 BC
lvl 4 BS

Can either go sniper fit or brawler fit for 3/4s. Eventually you can work you way into a mach and just sniper lvl 4s.

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I, of course, don’t have experience but it looks that nos is mostly useful for Amarrians? Somehow they are a very niche thing

Nos can help restore your cap too. But usually better now to run a full rack of med/small neuts and chain them on/off as needed.

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BTW, are there neutralizers that effective in both PVP and PVE?