Weapon specialisation

Looking to get back into eve and just wanted to know if there are any weapons I should prioritize or avoid. I’ve been in gangs that all use the same weapon. Is it normal for players to spread out their research into multiple weapon types like this? I’ve always preferred being the best at one weapon type.

Thanks in advance.

This will depend on who you’re flying with, but in my experience yes the gang will fit the same weapon systems, or be capable of applying similar damage types.

Again I think this will depend on who you’re flying with, but I’ve needed all the weapon types for various fleet comps over the years. Also the ‘best’ weapon type is never the ‘best’ for long, CCP will nerf or buff something switching things up… I recall when I first started everyone laughed at how bad the Drake and Heavy Missiles were, fast forward a few years and CCP nerfs the Drake & heavy missiles into the ground because they were considered too strong… now heavy missiles are terrible again and afaict no one uses them in PvP, so I guess also don’t believe everything you read :slight_smile:


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Rapid heavies on a bs are used for PvP now and then.

Aye. It’s just that no one appreciates missile guidance enhancers. It’s all BCU’s in the lows.

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