Fitting wrong weapons

Apart from my problem with the portrait-pic I also have chosen the wrong weapons for my ship. Starting out in a Minmatar Reaper I took Hybrid-Turrets instead of Projectiles. This has worked out fine in several missions and so also used them for the current Probe. I actually wondered why it is so difficult to find hybrid ammo in Minmatar space and that the rats only dropped projectile ammo. Now I feel reluctant to switch arment but I will miss the bonus. What would you suggest.

Make the ammo. It isn’t hard.

Aside from that, you should always only fit the weapons the ship is designed for. Look under the Traits tab.


Thank you Jin. What would you do. Switch to the correct projectile turrets ? I’m kinda fond of the ship it currently serves my purposes. If I decide to get a Rifter later, I have to switch to projectile weapons anyways.

First off, that ship is a Corvette. And while free it is the bare bones minimum ship. So don’t expect a lot.

Second, you’re missing out on a 10% damage bonus not using projectile guns in that ship.

Third, definitely skill up to the Frigate class ships. A lot more options and better game play.

Forth, skill up on all the small projectile skills as well and the more general gunnery and turret skills. Those will help with almost any ship you fly.


Are you currently doing the career agents? You should be getting a lot more ships and ammo from the agents as you progress through them. By the time you are done with all 5 agents, you should have a destroyer, several ventures, several frigates and i believe a small hauler as well.


Welcome to New Eden - hopefully you are enjoying life here!

Firstly, this isn’t a bad thing, I wouldn’t worry too much in the case of your Probe. That is very much a ship optimised for exploration, the use of probe scanners, analysers and so forth. It has no specific bonuses to any weapon system so you can fit anything you like to it. You really aren’t going to use it for shooting things (well, you can, but it’s not really what it is good at) as I’d hope you fitted exploration kit to it. Exploration is a good way of sharpening a useful skill/ability and also a nice source of income.

Ships in Eve are disposable things: you shouldn’t get attached to them. So saying, I’d be devastated to loose that Astero I’ve had for years and was the first “nice” ship I bought myself. We’ve history…

In the case of your Reaper: yes, it’ll do Level 1 missions, even if fitted with the wrong weapons. But as you have the skills to fly a Probe (a Minmatar Frigate, so you will have the Minmatar Frigate Skill) then you can fly a Rifter. The latter has three turret slots, and a “per skill level” rate of fire bonus - it’s also a lot tougher than your Reaper Corvette and will chew through Level 1 security missions (a Cruiser is your best bet for Level 2 - but also fit medium projectile weapons).
The Reaper is really just a “get you home freebie” in case your ship is shot out from beneath you.

Ammunition: yep, hybrid ammunition isn’t going to be terribly common in Minmatar space: there’s not really a market for it so manufacturers (like me) aren’t going to be too keen stocking the market with stuff that isn’t going to sell. Either make your own, if you can get a Blueprint for Antimatter S for example. It’ll be expensive and probably not really worth your while though.

Otherwise: just follow @Jin_Endares, and @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras 's advice - it’s sound. They are good, helpful players.


Uh…yes. Putting hybrids on a Minmatar projectile bonused ship is like giving Billy the Kid a bow and arrow.

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