Ship Updates to be released soon

Why are there no official announcements about this and only some arcane small group in Vegas saw this and other ship changes coming very soon.



This is some good stuff! No more OP Cerbs anymore.



  • Cerb: Missile flight time bonus changes to 7.5% shield booster bonus, velocity bonus goes from 10->20% but is HAMs only. PG goes from 800->820, CPU from 520->535, max lock range from 95->60 km
  • Eagle: One optimal bonus becomes 10% tracking instead. Max lock range goes from 90->65 km
  • Sac: Missile velocity bonus goes from 10->7.5%, resistance bonus goes from 4->5%, lock range from 70->65 km
  • Zealot: Max lock range goes from 75->55 km
  • Vaga: Falloff bonus goes from 10->12.5%. PG goes from 900->950, max lock range from 70->55km
  • Munin: All bonuses replaced with: 5% HM/HAM explosion velocity, 5% bonus to missile fire rate, 5% bonus to missile damage, 3% bonus to shield and armor resist. PG goes from 1160 to 1000, CPU from 355->405, armor HP from 2150->2300, max lock range from 80->55 km, turrets to 1, launchers to 5
  • Ishtar: Max lock range goes from 80->70 km
  • Deimos: Max lock range from 85->60 km


  • Geddon navy: All bonuses replaced with: 10% to energy and missile damage, 10% to drone damage, 10% to neut/nos range. PG from 17500->16000, low slots 8->7, medium slots 4->5
  • Domi navy: Gains 7.5% armor repper bonus. PG from 11000->13500
  • Typhoon fleet: Gains 7.5% cruise/torp explosion velocity

Other Cruisers:

  • Caracal navy: Missile rate of fire bonus goes from 5->6%, PG goes from 715->900, low slots 4->3, medium slots 5->6
  • Exeq navy: Bonuses are now 25% hybrid damage, 10% hybrid falloff, 15% plate mass reduction. PG 830->1030, max velocity 255->280, turrets 5->4 (net change: 8.333->9 effective turrets)
  • Bellicose: PG increased from 650->700, drone bandwidth/bay from 40->50
  • Proteus: max velocity 180->230


  • Rifter: Projectile fire rate goes from 5->7.5%
  • Crow: Explosion radius bonus replaced by 10% shield hitpoints
  • Ishkur: Useless drone tracking bonus replaced by 7.5% armor repper bonus, low slots 4->3, medium slots 3->4

For what purpose? EVE already has 200+ ships to choose from…

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Because the Eve production and markets are screwed up and this will allow CCP to supply ships directly through the loyalty points system without requiring any industry or mining.

Edit: I misread the post. I don’t think there are any new ships. These are just random changes to keep the meta fresh.

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Missile muninn. FINALLY!

Actually that whole list sounds to good to be true. That’s some really good balancing, for once.

They should probably just go ahead and turn it into a shield ship too then.

That would be too awesome, the t2 armor minnie ships never made sense. I could see a ham muninn with ancil shield being op af, probably for the best if they didn’t make it shield

Minmatar are shield oriented. That would maje sense.

It’s not final. The ArmaNI lacks missile hardpoints and the Munin lost all its PG and only has 160 left or so, according to the summary post which Lana posted here. Let’s hope they don’t push that onto TQ tomorrow.

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The listing states it loses 160pg which is understandable. Not saying it’s all correct but you read that one wrong.

Read my post again!

They didn’t touch the Onyx or Gila, so I’m happy. The Onyx is one of several ships that I use for totally unintended purposes. Cerb changes are meh. I didn’t use it that much anyway…

Gila should be nerfed to hell

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With a 5/5/5 L/M/H slot layout, no utility highs, and no additional tanking bonuses, it would be an acceptable weaker version of the Sleipnir, which would make sense, and be in line with the other races.

Also, it makes no sense for the Vagabond to have a 5/4 L/M layout as a shield ship. They should’ve swapped a low (or the utility high) for a mid a long time ago, maybe compensating with slight base stat reductions.

Vaga gets a shield boost bonus, they generally deduct a midslot because of that. But yeah, Minnie should be more shield focussed for their T2 but as said, they can very easily get OP that way.

As long as they don’t nerf its speed. It makes a rather handy 13 km/s AFK Orca punting ship…

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I guess I had the summary in the reddit post jumbled up for some reason. I’m pretty sure it said something like that but I should have check it myself closely, too. The Ishkur slot change noted in that reddit post is weird, though.