HAC rebalance 2 things on the Cerberus that would be good for it

Was hoping with the HAC rebalance that 2 things on the Cerberus could have been fixed, one ROF bonus and the other being Kinetic only damage bonus as these leave this ship in a weird spot between the T1 and the navy issue variants.

Suggestions would be
6.5%-7.5% rate of fire per level over the current 5% as this is still supposed to be the pinnacle of Caldari missiles ships out side of T3

The other bonus should just be flat 5% damage per level instead of Kinetic only as this is an antiquated bonus from when empires all had specific damage bonuses, that has been phased out of almost every other ship in the game.
Other then that so far pretty cool update.

Just my two isk :slight_smile:

It needs to be faster. The damage lock is no worse than lasers or hybrids or T2 projectiles.

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