Ghost Missile and Warp mechanics


I haven’t played in a while, so I might have missed it, but I asked in Help English channel and they seem to be unaware of it.

Just to confirm, if a Missile is fired and the firing ship warps away, the missile does not hit.

If the same missile is fired and the target warp the missile does not hit.

But, I’ve found that if you fire a missile while engaging Warp (So Aligning) all missiles fired during that time vanish.

Even before completing the align.

Did i miss a patch note or is this a bug? As an exemple.

Thank you for your time.

EDIT: I just noticed I’ve not mention that missiles are reaching their target during the alignement time

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Idk about that, i used to fly missile frigs, but never tried, it was all pve

Yah, missiles can’t warp, idk if pressing warp will make all missiles currently headed your way stop/not hit, i think it only works if you are actually warping, not just aligning (i don’t actually know, I’m just guessing)

Yes when you press the „warp“ button missiles no longer stick around.

It always has been the case ? My memory is blury, and since (green people in help channel, don’t remember the name, ISD or something like this) thought it might be a bug i though i should ask on the forum ^^

Its happened as long as i can remember from at least 2011

Missiles also do not apply to the target any more from as soon as you click the warp button and start aligning for warp. Your launchers keep firing but missiles just don’t deal damage anymore.

So as a summary and a conclusion to this topic :

    • Missiles Fired during the alignment process of the warp [So hitting warp and letting the ship align (Not aligning manually)] will disable the damage of all missiles already in flight and all future ones fired.
    • All Missiles that are in flight that “would” reach their target will not do any damage if our ship goes into “warping”
    • All missiles fired at a target that entered “warping” will not hit whatsoever
    • This has always been the case.

Can anyone confirm those claims are true?

(And if anyone knows why it’s the case (For the alignment) if that’s a technical issue or a balanced mechanics)

Thank you for your answers and fly safe o7

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