New player needs directions

Hi I am a new pilot just over 1 week old
i am interesting to pvp but i am running into a problems with skills it appears like i am not ready to fly things to fight with i even bought skill injectors to cover the magic 14 skills but every time i go to FW area and pick fights i cannot apply damage i was able to kill only a venture lol.
At this point i dont know what to do in the game i feel limited to my skills
Do you have any suggestion in what path i need to take to excell in my game
Thank you

So there are quite a few things you need to take into consideration.

First off, simply shooting at a target isnt going to necessarily guarantee a hit. There is something called a transversal. Basically, if your opponent is moving too fast parallel to your location, you will miss.

Secondly, there is an optimal and falloff range for all weapons and their respective ammunition. Hovering over the weapons icon will indicate how close you must be to the target in order to land hits.
This range will dictate how you will fight.

Thirdly, there is something called a tracking speed. Each weapon has a specific tracking speed that is somewhat changed by the type of ammunition you choose. Higher tracking speed, allows for better chances to hit smaller, faster targets. This too can be seen on the weapons indication, as well as your fittings screen.

There are methods to mitigate this problem, specifically the use of certain modules that will help you apply damage.

Stasis webifiers can slow enemies down. This will make them easier to hit.

Target painters increase the signature radius of ships, which is basically the size of the target on the ship.

Tracking Enhancers and Tracking computers can help increase your turrets optimal and falloff, as well as increase the tracking speed of your turret.

If you dislike all of this, then my suggestion is to go with missiles. Missiles work slightly differently from turrets, in that they will ALWAYS apply damage to a target, as long as the target is within range. The only difference is the amount of damage applied, and this, again, depends on the speed and size of the target as well as the type of missile you use.

Good luck on your hunt. Ask more questions for clarifications if you do not understand what i said.


Thanks alot for the whole overview . the only thing is puzzles me now is how to fly to make transversal to my advantage and the ammunition type and how to apply it .

So its only a parallel trajectory.

If a player or opponent is moving directly towards you or away from you in a straight line, you will deal almost the full damage, or the same damage as if they were standing still.

Makes sense, as its harder to hit someone who is zigzagging, but if hes just running towards you, its easier to shoot them dead.

Its why i like missiles, they are easier and deal damage a lot better.

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Thanks Bud :slight_smile: i will practice more and me like idiot i do always orbit lol

This may be worth a read.

PvP Mechanics tutorial

It’s the underlying framework of how you should think about your ship builds and maneuver.

I recommend it…

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Its smart to orbit, makes you harder to hit as well. Its a balancing act, You want to be in a position where you deal the most damage, and they deal the least. Part of that is modules, part of that is choosing the right weapon and ammo and orbit.

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nice one thanks i am reading it

Thanks for your Help Solonius Very appreciated. i learned in 15 min more than a week lol

Forums is a great place to ask questions, most of us are honest and were always here to help. Keep asking questions if you have them!

Fly safe.

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This is a must read:

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Wow Nice Doc . Thanks bro :slight_smile:

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