What skills list for DPS please

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Im sure this has most likely been answered before i have searched with mixed results to no vail also tried pyfa loaded up character chose a fit and messed with settings but they don’t seem to change in real time its always increase skill save and then wait for result which is quite tedious so to make it short here is the question

What skills do i need to up for dps for cruise missiles and torpedo’s, I have seen a few fits I like but when i do the same fits my dps seems to be no where near those builds and I cant work out what I’m doing wrong, So a complete list of skills i should up to V which impact dps would be utmost appreciated. majority of my Magic 14 are at V

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If you are using TP signature focusing 4 if not 5 of great help.

Not saying buy them but…faction TP’s also help.

Flare and rigor also make missile hazy math less hazy. So rig skills to offset using them and their downsides to taste advised.

Also when looking at fits on sites be wary they can assume all level 5 and a very generic target. If they went really generic that could be as simple as a static structure. Torps hit a tower with a fat as hell sig and moving at 0 m/s quite well lol.

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List missile skills and provides a brief overview of the mods, implants, and drugs that affect missile performance. Also, the relevant spaceship command skill can increase missile performance depending on the ship bonuses. And, as Hidden pointed out, you can improve the effectiveness of target painters by increasing signature focusing.

Finally, I’m not sure what’s going on with Pyfa, but adjusting skills immediately impacts ship stats for me.

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As an example, for torpedoes (cruise missiles) the skils that affect rate of fire of your launcher, so-called supporting skills that affect any missile launcher:

  • missile launcher operation
  • rapid launch

obviously also the skills that affect raw damage output:

  • torpedoes (torpedo specialization will push it even further for t2 launchers) / cruise missiles (cruise missile specialization)
  • warhead upgrades

will also affect dps via the launcher properties:

  • bay loading accelerator rigs (missile rigging skill)
  • ballistic controls
  • zainou ‘deadeye’ rapid launch RL-100x implants

will further affect raw damage output:

  • warhead calefaction catalyst rigs
  • zainou ‘snapshot’ torpedoes TD-60x implants (zainou ‘snapshot’ cruise missiles CM-60x)

For damage application there are other skills and rigs, but that wasn’t your question

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Hi Guys

Thank you for the responses much appreciated they were alot of help. To answer some questions the fits that im following are not dps while in action well yes but before that all stationary docked a fit simulation showing their fit i do the same and im quite off.

Also after speaking to a corp member i send him my fit he opens it up he reads 1600 dps i open it up and im reading 1063dps so i can understand that the people im using the fits from might be using all lvl 5 skills for demo purposes but my corp member is is skilled but not to that extent, we have gone over implants as well that fit in sockets 7 to 10 so its definitely skill related.

Shipwreck Jones

Thank you for the link i will read through that and try to match which skills of mine are lacking to see if we can pump this dps up.

Currently going through the Wiki link This is what my skills for the mains are stating and what implants im using

Slot 6 – TD-605 increase in missile damage
Slot 7 – MP-705 – increase in missile velocity
Slot 8 – GP805 – decrease in explosion radius
Slot 9 – TN905 – increase explosion velocity
slow 10 -Rapid Launch RL-1005


Missile Launcher Operation V
Rapid Launch IV
Warhead Upgrades IV
Missile Bombardment IV
Missile Projection III
Guided Missile Precision III
Target Navigation Prediction III

specific [primary missile skill

Cruise Missiles V
Torpedoes V

Specialization" skill
Cruise Missile Specialization III
Torpedo Specialization III

Any other input you guys might have please feel free.

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Your skill levels seem okay, one possibility I can think of is a trait bonus for the actual ship ? You didn’t mention the hull type.
Also, when comparing with other people, make sure they use/simulate the same charges and make comparisons “cold” (not overheated).
Can you show us the fit ?


I have tried on 2 of his builds one is the barghest which is this

and the second is this

they are both ACEFACE builds which you can find on YouTube I just took screen shots from the videos but as mentioned before when my corp member simulates same settings even hes able to get more dps than myself. I have spoken to AceFace and we went through some skills and it seems there’s nothing out of the extraordinary he’s using to really boost the dps.

So where it stands its definitely something to do with skills. I remember seeing somewhere along the lines of skilling other ships had something to do with dps as well maybe someone can shed some light on that?


Rattlesnake: Gallente battleship skill gives missile damage buff. But the Rattlesnake is also a drone boat, drone skills come into play when you make the comparison (and which ones you select in the fitting window). One thing you can do when comparing is to mouse over the dps number and look at the breakdown (missiles/drones)
Barghest: no idea yet
Will see if I can find both fits on YT and simulate them myself ingame.


here is the links for the barghest fit

and the one for the rattlesnake

I have a feeling I think I found out what the issue was its not the skills its an all round dps including drone damage thats pumping it up to 1400 and 1600 and so on.

i will test shortly but i could be wrong.

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Drones on the rattle are doing 693 dps themselves (can see that in the image). Overall dps does include drone dps. So minus the drones, the rattle is only doing 800+ dps

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what I said :smile:
just located both YT videos, logging into eve to simulate them

EDIT after simulation:
Getting very similar numbers as the ones in the video, even with low cruise missile spec skill (lvl 1), it’s a few 10s dps difference, nothing major, for the barghest. Getting even higher numbers than the YT person with Rattlesnake (1774 combined dps), due to my max torp spec skills.

Yep, get them to lvl3 at least and you will be in the numbers

p.s. my issue is cpu, lol, haven’t figured that one out, cpu related skills are all maxed out.

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I think we cracked it lol, without drones i’m around 600+ dps but with drones im around 800+ so my 5 x medium drones are only adding 200ish+

need to get dat drone damage up, now to find out which skills to up on drones

Light drones = V
Medium Drones = V
Heavy Drones = V
drone sharpshooting = V
Drone Interfacing = IV
cadari, amar, gallante, minmatar dron specialization = I

i have a feeling upping the bottom 4 specialization shouild up some dps on the drones?

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Perfect, i got them set to skill up to III lets see what the outcome is, will update once i have the numbers.

Thank you so much for the help and contribution i’m sure this will crop up for others and will add to their skill chasing.

I also have the cpu issue at times and have to drop one slot for a co processor or adjust a little. You are not alone on that one :smiley:
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Most likely he’s using a +3% (or better) cpu implant for the rattlesnake (didn’t check for the barghest). The numbers on his simulation don’t suggest any missile related implants.

gl :slight_smile:

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Yes. You could use faction or augmented in the interim if you have the isk for them and want to part with that as well.

Also going back to my coverage of paint skill…drones benefit from that as well. Overkill but it kills e-warring frigates faster with web and paint. Even in BS I don’t like double or triple e-war lol. SO I make them primary targets.

Short version why is one time in 0.0 long ago I became a very easy target and ship blow up to where the dude just had to show up. Rats did most of his work for him, including tackle, for him. A shameful death that…so these days I kill frigates as primary lol.

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Hi Guys

appreciate the updates still awaiting skills to go up so will update once things are moving up

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I see most of the dps skill question has been answered, and I just want to add that there is more than just the raw dps number to look for if you want high dps.

Application skills and modules can be just as important, if not more, to deal damage. Without application you can have all the dps you could get and still do 0 damage.


Hi all
Update Time, So after doing some reading and research its all boiled down to this to get max dps out of your drones, weapon ammo and ship combined, I have used the following example as this is what i am using.

My Ship rattlesnake
weapon cruise missile launcher
Ammo Scourge Fury Cruise Missile
Module Skills Bring these all to V
Advanced weapon upgrades
cruise missile specialization
missile launcher operation
rapid launch
weapon upgrades

Charge Skills Bring these all to V
Cruise missiles
Gallante Battleship ( this one was the one I was missing )
Guided missile precision
Missile bombardment
Missile Projection
Target Navigation Prediction
Warhead Upgrades

I am sure there are other skills that might play a part in increasing further dps but with the above i was able to go from a measly 534 weapon dps and drone 226 dps to over 1kdps combined, still not at the 1.7k and 2k+ dps being shown in you tube fits but getting there.

If i find out anything further i will udpate as i go along.

Warm regards

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In the case of AWU I’d see if you actually need this to level 5. Assuming you put some bling on the ship it probably is not needed. Even “cheaper” faction gear (vice some deadspace where prices can be real high) will save some powergrid space up.

By and large this is what I’d have as a pvp skill. In that only my pvp boats have truly needed this. like say your average fleet spec gun based BS. And frigates and cruisers where getting as much as you can is a pita at times. Even at max fitting skills.

Not a bad skill mind you but see where you are going before you train this to see if needed. I’ve trained this on 2 chars to 5…not “fun” times lol.

Play with pyfa for current fit and the fit you are aiming for. Including potential bling that could be used.

Pyfa of current and “dream” fits could show a lesser level of AWU is needed to save time for the moment. If pvp aspirations well then while AWU is bad, there are worse ones lol.

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