EWAR / Tracking Mechanics Question

Scenario: Single large ship using a Target Painter and Artillery vs single small ship landing on grid (so not perfectly stationary but very slow)

Q: When you start locking something/someone up and have both modules pre activated (blinking) so they fire at the same time the moment the target is fully locked, because its at the “same time” (my understanding at least is that sometimes in eve there’s an order or hierarchy or whatever with some of these things I’m not certain) is the sig bloom actually taking effect before the arty hit quality is calculated? Also in either case in a 1v1 setting would you be better off using that mid slot for a scripted Tracking Enhancer? (not a case where just waiting a tick between firing the TP and the guns is an option) :twinsparrot:

Of anyone I know, you are among those who has the resources to surely launch a large-scale field-test about the issue. :slight_smile:

I personally tend to believe that the damage is calculated by the server after all effects have been applied during that tick. Something like this:

→ your client tells the server that Arty + Painter have been activated
→ Server collects all incoming data for that tick, even from other sources (inkl. the Target activating it’s MWD, aligning, being webbed by someone else, receiving Fleetboost or whatever).
→ At the end of the tick, the Damage is calculated with all effects active and applied.

So, imho Painters should work in that scenario. But again: Thats only what I personally believe how it works. Not sure if anyone could give you a definite answer.

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Thank you that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

(And lol yeah I could have just asked them I guess but most of the english speaking ones were not online when I posed this and believe it or not I’ve pretty much always been a Single-Boxer because my Dell all-in-one backup rig ive been using cant even handle two clients at once :smile:

No, effects are calculated asap. Otherwise the server could not transmit its data in time. Only movement and state changes (destruction, system change) are applied at the end.

Once per second, we go through these steps. Whatever time is left over is then used to process everything else that needs to happen.

The tick in itself is only the movement and state change calculation + client updates.

Activating a module is done by sending a packet to the server, and the server applying it defered (but considering the arrival time of the packet), typically through an event queue. so if you have two ungrouped modules applied at the same time, it depends if your client sends one packet for the two modules, or one packet per module. if the client sends a 2-modules packet and the server considers applying non damaging effects first, then yes the painter will be applied before guns. If the client sends two packets, it depends on which one arrives first .