Angel Target Painters

Anyone else have issues ratting Angel Haven sites when the Crushers/Smashers (cruisers) spawn and target paint you? I keep my shields above 80% the whole time but as soon as more than 1 of these rats spawn the Battleships start hitting for insane amounts like 200+ consecutive hits.
I run a VNI so I speed/signature tank and have Angel damage resistances over 70%.

Don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining just wondering if anyone else has this issue with the Angel Haven sites or if maybe I’m doing something wrong.

You are probably doing the right thing, but Target Painting is under estimated.

You can happily signature tank a battleship with a cruiser because of you small sig. But add in shield extenders (+25% sig) and shield rigs (I don’t know if you have, but it’s commin) then you’ll have an appreciably larger signature (MWDs are really awful).
Get all of that painted by a couple of target painters from bonuses hulls adding 50% Sig each and suddenly you’ve a signature comparable with a battleship and you’ll take serious blows from them.

Even if you have no signature increasing modules (as would be the case if Sig. Tanking), a couple of painters can flare your signature from Cruiser to Battlecruiser fairly easily. Three and you’re a battleship.

Signature is part of both gunnery and missile damage calculations. TPs are a good way of getting big weapons to apply damage to smaller targets. You are on the receiving end of it.

Solution: Kill the target painters.

Solution: Kill the target painters.

That’s precisely what I do, it just kinda sucks that this faction in specific can mess you up so hard in comparison to others I’ve faced since I believe these are the only ones with Target Painters, others have jamming which is w/e for a drone ratting ship.

No easy life in space.

Never easy. It wouldn’t be a challenge if it was.
I’m an Amarrian pilot - you end up flying energy turret ships that are critically capacitor dependant against Blooders and their delight in tracking disruption and neuts.

3 Crusher Target Painters on me, is this normal?
from 221m to 1.9k m

1900m Sig?

The two shield extenders, rigs, and three target painters. I’d expect it to be over 1000m. Given the Sig of a battleship is normally around half that then they’re going to hit hard.

On the upside, if you can keep your traversal up then you can limit that. But if you are at long range you’re not going fast enough.
Against turrets, it’s angular velocity that is important.
It’s only missiles that absolute speed works in your favour. Given you’re a drone boat I suspect you are 50km off. If so, you are a sitting duck well inside their weapon ranges and can’t get your angular speed high enough.

Tank the battleships and kill the painters.

I’ve been wondering about this, so the closer I am the more transversal? So should I orbit at 30km or less? I’m using an Afterburner and going at 1100m/s.

Thanks a lot for the input.

It used to be possible to do the maths, but they stopped describing gun tracking in rad/sec, Generally, the faster and closer the better. Experiment. Personally I’d not be surprised if you needed to be 10km or less (exciting!)
Basically you are trying to get under the battleship’s guns. It’s how frigates can take down big ships.

I fly a Sacrilege in Level 4 missions orbiting with a MWD on to keep the traversal up at about 10km and 2,500m/s. Having a webifier helps in stopping the target turning help track you, and a single medium repairer can easily keep up with the damage.

paint is +150%
so with 3 it’s (1+150/100)(1+1500.87/100)(1+1500.571/100) = *10.7 so you should go 2362m sig.

So now, you can’t go closer. that’s because your ship has a maximum angular speed, based on your agility. So if you go closer, you will actually have lower speed, and so same angular speed. if you want to go closer, you need to have more agility, eg nanofiber.

But the truth is, the painter have a optimal distance, as well as a falloff. the optimal is 30, the falloff is 50, so if you are 50km from the painter its bonus effect will be halved. In that cae, the best is to actually take some distance, you will not only go faster (which is better vs missiles) but also get less painted. of course the issue is that some frigates won’t catch to you and will yellowbox if you orbit 50km.

the ■■■■ dude ? the math are EXACTLY the same, quit whinning please you are misinforming.

ALL turret sig has been set to 40km, that’s the ONLY thing that changed.
NOTHING ELSE was changed. the tracking of guns has been adjusted so tracking/sig remains the same, BECAUSE 40km sig.
So the math you made before, is STILL the same, hitchance = 0.5^( (target_angular * 40000/targetsig/tracking)^2 + (max(distance-opti, 0)/falloff)^2 )
average damage = (hitchance^2+hitchance+0.05)/2) down to hitchance=0.05, hitchance * 3 below.


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