Blood Haven sites

Hi all,

I’ve recently been farming Blood Haven sites in my rattlesnake with sentry drones. Each site roughly takes me 25minutes to 28minutes (my missile skills are ok not perfect)

My question is if I run these sites with my alt who will orbit in an VNI assiting my drones would it greatly decrease my time and be worth it?

So far his skills aren’t that great to really notice it, was hoping with T2 heavies at V ill notice a few minutes in difference

Are there any other ships that you would recommend for duo? Only reason the alt isnt in a RS is I currently have one monitor.

My end goal would to be in a carrier but that is a long time away


Maybe 2 Nestors. Easy to multitask.

haven are doable in less than 30 min in a solo vni (with perfect skills and a 120M worth fit)

With 2 vnis, you make the better-skilled one assign his drones to the worse-skilled one, an the wore skilled one uses a sebo+painter. His drones go (f) to big tagets while he paints(F1) the small targets ; when small targets are done he paints bigger targets.
since someone uses a paint there is no more need for omni, which thus can be replaced by a drone speed augmentor

Your ticks will however be a little bit lower than if you made two sites with VNIS, because though you kill rats twice as fast, they don’t span and you don’t warp twice as fast

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Cheers for that,

Ill end up giving it a go, its a lot less to risk then my rattle,

Got any recommend fits? Every one I see is Different

thats because many fits work

required :

  • 100mn enduring (oversized) AB
  • 4 DDA
  • 5 heavy drones, maybe 5 lights to fight intys

after that you have to select the modules you want
I recommend

  • 1 passive shield hardener to incrase your tank a bit
  • drone speed augmentor rig to make them switch target faster
  • polycarbon rig to make you tank and align faster

you would still have 2 mids 2 lows 1rig

your bunny(the one with painter ) needs sebo+painter and since he has lower skill he may not be cap stable. thus a CCC rig (capacitor control). Low can be shield power relay/flux coil (1st if you have enough pare cap)/damage control for more buffer. Don’t use shield rigs as they increase your sig, thus reducing your tank - or at least incresing it less than it seems.

your main(the one without a painter) doesnt need sebo+paint so maybe

  • a point
  • drone speed augmentor
  • omnidirectional tracking in mid with tracking speed(not really useful since you have a paint)
  • ancilary shield/armor rep in case someone catches you (1400 dps is hard to tank for a pvp fit and your drones are quite fast)
  • drone link augmentor if you orbit far

as for running the sites :

  • haven rock : orbit the gate at 10
  • haven gas : orbit the struture in the middle@20, destroy the turrets first, then when spawns are closer to the warpin (2nd or 3rd wave ?) orbit something close to warpin@10
  • sanctum : orbit the ring in the order the rat spawn @10.
    have your main follow bunny in haven gas / sanctum. you need to manually move your ship in those to avoid rushing directly into the rats. In haven rock, just make both orbit the pirate gate.

Thank you soo much

I run multiple ishtars minimised and 1 carrier that I focus on but you’d prob be well off with multiple vni they are cheap and need little attention

Each guy does a separate site

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