Small Gang Stealth Bomber Targets?

Say you had 4 stealth bombing pilots with max skills or near max. What would be some good targets? I’m just now starting to look into them but I have no idea what would be some ideal juicy targets. Not really looking for high-sec. Anyone run a setup similar for some pvp shenanigans? Just looking for some ideas.

Your ideal target would be afk, at 30km how you planning to tackle?

please look at the bonus on stealth bomber.

bombing excavators makes ppl sad

Yes, I see what I always see.

Whats the explosion radius on your torps as dictated by your skills/rigs/implants + (target painters ?) & run that number(s) against the sig radius of what you want to shoot at…

Theres your answer.

Man that’s evil… I had that same thought tho :disappointed:

But if I was going to bomb something I would ambush a gate camp in null when they are involved in a gf and ruin the disco.


If you are doing a bombing run I don’t see 4 ships taking out to big of a tank. So maybe some miners, a gate camp of cruisers. If you are using torps that gets tricky. Bombers are easy kills to a lot of ships. Drones and missles can be a problem unless you make a very quick kill.

Choose targets wisely and have fun!

Stealthbombers is more of a support ordinance kind of ship where your role is pretty much to pop out of nowhere and unleash your payload and bugger off. They need to have other ships backing them up to hold targets down, and their tank is meager enough that even Corvettes, Industrial frigates and a light bump from a freighter is enough to make your ship so stealthy not even your pod can find it.

Four bombers without any support could put a dent into a Cruiser camp with bombs, though dont expect to be able to engage anything in a proper fight with your torpedoes without support from a dedicated tackler, tho you could hunt excavators for the hell of it.

The point where bombers really shine is when you have a decent number of them and there is ways to join the fun regardless of corp cough Plugging for bombers bar cough so i wouldnt get my hopes up with fleets with less than 10 bombers.

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