Is it possible to use a stealth bomber for PvE missions?

Hi, my question is simple: I only play PvE and I only play for fun, I’m not interested in maximizing isk/h, I just want to try ships I like and pop rats around. So, I like stealth bombers, specially Amarr Purifier, and I was asking myself if it’s possible to use it in security missions. I’d really like to use that ship, but also if you play just for fun is important to understand if you can use a ship for a specific purpose. Nobody have fun losing ships in seconds.

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You can use the ship but bombs are banned in empire space and torpedoes are pretty useless against anything smaller than a battleship so it wouldn’t be very effective.

Survivability is also questionable - bombers are designed for hit and run, not to tank a room full of rats.

So, no way to use it for lvl 4 missions?

Not likely no.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

I have done lv 4 missions with a bomber. Have to be very selective. Dont do ones vs. missiles, and if the gate jumps you in close range you can get caught. You will definitely need painter and anything else you can do to add precision. Definitely not an easy ship to run missions in.

Now an assault frigate can be fun, and do a wider variety of missions, but still have to be selective. I have done some with a blaster fit Enyo. Once you clear the smaller ships with webs it is pretty easy to just orbit and blast. Still will need a reper for the rare hit now and then.

You can rat and do many missions with a torp bomber. Using torps you have high DPS but are a wet paper bag for tank. You would need to be careful with how you fly it. Use transversal to keep larger ships from hitting you, target painter helps damage smaller ships.