Faction Warfare lv4 Missioning Solo Ship Choices

As the title says which ships are viable to solo FW lv4 missions ? Especially for minmatar faction since i’m working for them.

Mostly Stealth Bombers and T3Cs

I heard that due to web frigates added to sites solo stealth bombers have no use.I havent tested it myself but thats what i’ve heard.

It is harder. I have done Gallente ones in Proteus and actually a Hecate.

I had great success using a Rook against the Gallente (travel fit plus depot plus mission fit).

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I’m trying to make a new character for fw and fw missions for minmatar militia and i’m trying to find out the most viable solo ships for lv4 missions so that i can make a skill plan and focus on it.I’m having a hard time to find out solo ships for it.Considering both skill and isk reqruitment especially isk.

Make an alpha alt. Join Amarr militia with it and ask in chat, “I joined Amarr because I heard all Minmatar does is run missions all day.”

Wait a bit. Involve yourself with responses. Then ask, “So nobody ever can kill any of them? Does anyone ever catch these mission runners? Are they that good or we can’t do anything about it?”

Add some variation to your questions to each timezone. Wait for kill mail links. Don’t see any? Talk trash about Amarr how, “…keep seeing these mission sites all over … we can never catch any of them anyway. So I never go in.”

Someone will bite. Unlike here. No one wants to see you become competition or encourage what is, by the opinion of many bitter FW vets, the most negative impact factor to FW tier.

Nice tips i’ll do that for sure thanks a lot !

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