Ship choise for FW lvl4 missions

What ship can I use effectively for lvl4 fw missions.
Tried stratios and bombers but taking too much damage and needed to warp out a lot.

Battleship or Marauder. What skills you have?

only have T1 amarr bs with T1 guns unlocked.
prefer T2 cruisers or t2 frigs if it can be done in it

HACs can run lvl4 missins. if you can fly Cerberus or Ishtar in particular, you can manage, but it’s not optimal.

Jackdaw was meta before missions nerf afik. Google some guides since the missions itself didn’t change. Just the payout.

But if you had problems with bomber. It’s either to your piloting, low skills or choosing wrong missions

@Jinx_Jita Your are confusing normal missions with FW missions. No one gonna do them in maruder in LS with beacon to the site on overview

right. didn’t read carefully. yea I used to do FW lvl4s in bombers no problem

even after they added the low sig/can’t apply to them with torps-webbing frigates to stop bombers?

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