Faction Warfare Level 4 Mission Running

Hi, I’m looking to run level 4 missions in low sec faction warfare for fun.

I used to run SoE level 4’s back in the day where you could easily pull 2500-3000 isk/lp in a Mach. I have a fairly skilled character (fairly skilled in ship combat) and I liked playing FW for the isk and occasional small gang fights. Because my carebear grinding character is also going to be the one fighting in FW, I figured I’d combine these two interests and run lv4’s.

My understanding is I can’t fly a battleship without getting ganked in low sec, due to their inability to run away quickly or damage the frigates that can easily tackle them.

Do you think I can kite and complete FW missions in a bomber? FW Lv4 missions are always kill one target ones, my plan was to kite at 70 meters in an afterburner. Any fits or thoughts? (I would be playing against minmatar, so they have target painters).

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