Missions Level 4 for Factional Warfare


someone can tell me something about Level 4 missions in Factional Warfare? How many ISK can I earn on it? What a ship will be prefered for that?

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I can tell you something: they are in low sec. Surprise, surprise. So you will PvP when you are in the mood of PvE and opposite. Some of them are blitzable and those few are ran by FW professionals. What are they - depends on what faction you are in.
ISK depends on level of your faction (from 1 to 4). If your faction is on level 1 like caldari now - you are better off (ISK-wise) running security missions in high sec.
Tactical destroyers are very popular atm, for different reasons, aka warp under 2 sec for hecate or easy range tank for jackdaw.


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