Caldari fw lvl 4 mission ship?

what is currently the best ship and fit to run these missions.?

FW ? or regular mission? are you fighting for caldari or against caldari?

for caldari

i don’t do faction warfare, but as far as L4 missions, I use a Raven for the missile bonuses, I think some others recommend the rattlesnake due to the drone bonus, but the constant aggroing of drones, keeps me from using the snake and staying with the raven.

Sorry, but this is bad advice for FW missions.

FW missions take place in lowsec, which means that enemy players can shoot your ship without CONCORD intervening. So, you’re going to want something drone-based (to make enemy EWAR useless) which is ideally able to warp while cloaked.

For OP, I would recommend something like a Stealth Bomber or Stratios - Stratios would be best; this way, you have some chance of fighting off someone who might be able to catch you - but bear in mind that neither of those ships come cheap, and there’s a very high chance you are going to get caught and die even if you take every precaution.

At the same time, the risk comes with a high reward.

did you miss the part where I said i DON’T do FW. I use a raven for regular L4 missions. That was the point I made. I don’t do FW…

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