Caldari Ship Choices for L4 Missions

I have been using a snake and it works but I want to try some of the other Caldari (Yes I know snake is faction but uses Caldari skills) ships. Most skills are in Shields and Missiles. I can fly a T2 Fit Golum and Nighthawk. I have toyed around with the idea of a Barghest as well. I could finish training into a Tengu but not quite as sure about that for L4s.

I could train into other race/faction ships and weapons if something is really appealing.

What ideas and suggestions do you have? What do you like best about the ship you propose?

When I played last I was running a Tengu in L4 missions out of Motsu. It handled them very well and was never in any real danger of losing the ship. Its skill intensive though.

I use Raven Navy or just Raven

I switched to HAC’s but that’s skill intensive as well. It’s more about what missions your going to do. Pick the ship that fits the mission.

And watch your standings with other races. You may be forced out of Caldari space to keep standings well rounded.

golem or barghest are probably the best options. Torpedoes got a nice buff recently and both ships should be able to make good use of them.

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