Stealth bomber, or non-stealth bomber for alpha?

Hi fellas,
As an alpha clone playing my way up to typhoon (ISK is difficult to earn), I watched several youtube gameplays on the stealth bomber part. Stealth bombers looks great to fly like a squadron and strike together.

As I know it’s quite difficult for CCP to let the stealth skill accessible for alpha clones (stealth is for OMEGAS! ), is there any chance to have a normal version bomber for alpha clones? I mean maybe more fragile but capable flying with “one”(or some?) torpedo launcher or bombing bay?

Bombers are deceptively difficult to use given their extremely low tank (you mess up, you die) and non-trivial method of launching bombs. So they aren’t the most newbie friendly ships for alphas

More important than having the skills to fly the ship, find a Corp or FC who can show you how to use one properly

Aside from bombs, stealth bombers carrying torpedoes can setup a cloaky gate camp that’s absolutely lethal to cruisers and BCs

But the DPS and the alpha strike will be high enough to let newbie pass through some missions (Dagan to specify), as this might teach them how to engage and disengage ratting their way or PvP in highsec on those wanted as it’s super fragile, and not too expensive to replace one and learned a lesson.

Though no matter fitting torpedos or bombers, flying an uncloaked frigate is never a wise option in nullsec.

(if the grammar sounds weird to you, apologize for my shitty grammar.)

Go Omega.

Afaik, Alpha bomb frigates are disallowed especially due to FW plexes.

As to Dagan or the other missions you list, use another Alpha ship.
It can be done with those and doesnt need a new Alpha/non-cloaked bomber ship.

TLDR: No to a new non-cloaked Alpha bomber just so Alphas can run Dagan on it.
TLDR2: You want an easier way to stay Alpha and run lucrative content. Nope, again.

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