New stealth bomber pilot looking for same

I’m a new omega pilot - I got into EVE because I saw some videos of people hunting in wormhole space in stealth bombers, and it looked fun. I’ve figured out how to do it more or less, but I think I’ve gotten about as far as I can on my own. I’m looking for other new players, or any players, who like hunting in stealth bombers in packs.

I’m pretty comfortable getting around in wormholes - I can fly a Nemesis and a Helios, and I’m working on training for the Astero and Stratios, but I can’t really fly them yet. I’m looking for people who live in wormholes, who are ok with new players, who have fun together, and who fly stealth bombers or other cloaked ships. I’m a dad in my 40s, I’m looking for a group with at least a few folks who remember the 90s, fondly or otherwise. I use pathfinder to track where I am and where I’ve been.

I play usually around 0000-0300 EVE time, a few nights a week.


Check out Bombers Bar.

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Become a delivery agent ,
Its fun

Hey jaeger, we at shattered foundations live in a c2 with c3 and hs statics, we are a little light between 00;00 and 03;00 but are attempting to recruit more for that tz, you would make a very good addition; contact Lenca5 ingame if your interested :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestions, is bombers bar a corporation? It doesn’t appear that way…

Bombers Bar is an open community that practices NPSI (not purple, shoot it). Anyone can join their fleets. Might want to have some fun with them till you find a home.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about WH groups beyond that. I know Wingspan is popular (Yersynia left a link), but it’s my understanding that they’re pure PvP, and expect their members to be completely self-sufficient.

However, even if you don’t join Wingspan, you should definitely check out their Youtube Channel. Should be right up your alley.

If thats your idea fun, you might be intereted in RUTHLESS REGIMENT. We operated right in the heart of null sec. We have deployments all over Eve with at least 5 fleets pings a day. All flavors of pvp. Camping, Roaming, Defense, Ganking, Escalations, and so much more. Im talking daily fleets. Your Bomber will surely have its hand full. We have veteran pvpers you can learn from and newbros who you can teach … and we are also a bunch dads. One guy even has a mullet. So you’ll fit right in.

Join our RUTHLESS REGIMENT public channel in game or join our public discord.

Hey dude! That’s so awesome to hear you’re into that style of gameplay :smiley:

I spent a few years running those sorts of fleets with friends, notably killing more than 1.5T last year, including six titans and countless supers.

I love it so much I started my own corp dedicated to this sort of thing, and getting new players into it. Its what keeps me logging in after 10 years of playing, and I want to create a place that brings it within reach to newbies! We’re highly active in your tz also!

Come hang out in our discord and say hi

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