Bombers Bar - An NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It) public fleet service wants you to come and join us for good kills and good fun

We routinely cater to members of most major alliances and am more than happy to have newbros attend fleets that meet the requirements of flying a Stealth Bomber, torpedoes and if possible, focused void bombs or damage bombs. There are other roles available in all fleets, including Black Ops, Wormhole rollers and depending on the fleet style, hunters and tacklers.

Hunters, FC’s and the Bombers Bar entity all share the profits of scooped loot from kills. To help pay for fuel, the hunters time/risk and the FC who runs the fleet.

Come and get in on multiple capital and super-capital kills in all regions of EVE by joining the ‘Bombers Bar’ channel in game. Watch the introductory videos kindly provided by Doctor Wrecks on YouTube ( Grab a ship and get involved.

We also accept intel and treat those who provide it first as preferential. Give us intel on your enemy’s fleet first and we’ll bomb you last.

Additional information to dispel confusion. Bombers Bar are not paid to target any specific regions of EVE, nor specific entities. We do not get paid to provide the Bombers Bar services other than loot and tears of those that we kill. We are not involved in any null sec alliance politics and as such, we see everyone in null sec as a valid target. We ask if we roll into your sov space, you do not give intel and either go back through the wormhole or sit cloaked up in a safe spot so we can do our thing. Failure to comply with this will result in being blacklisted from future BB Fleets.

Bombers Bar. About as much fun as you can have in EVE Online with your pants on. But they are optional.



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