Bombers Bar hosting 48h Fleet - setting the record for longest public fleet

Starting tomorrow there will be 48 hours of bombing madness with Bombers Bar! Come out and terrorize in the longest constant running NPSI fleet in EVE online!

You’re free to log in and out as necessary and can leave and join fleet as you wish. We will have FCs swapping off frequently so that we have a constant stream of fresh FCs with more content to provide. Come join the longest running NPSI group in setting the longest constant running NPSI fleet record in EVE online!

Bombs Away!
Join Discord:
In-Game Channel: Bombers Bar

When: 17:00 Friday - 17:00+ Sunday

Where: Highsec trade hubs - we’ll let you know where the connections to our wormholes are on the day

Who: Anyone with a Covert Ops Cloak welcome

Never flown with us before? There’s a handy fleet guide here:


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