Bombers Bar Burn Down - 24 Hour Fleet 25th Sep

The siege of delve is lifted, alliances are spreading out, summer is drawing to a close, and the targets are returning to space. It can only mean one thing: a Bombers Bar 24+ hour fleet to celebrate.

In-game channel: bombers bar

Who? - Anyone with a covert ops cloak fitted to their ship is welcome, but we recommend bombers if you’re new. Newbros welcome!

When? - Starting at 08:00 Eve time on Saturday 25th Sep, and going for at least 24 hours.

Where? - We’ll be based in a wormhole, striking out into nullsec. We’ll give you a route in to join up with us at any time (wormhole connections permitting).

See you there!

Video courtesy of Gherti

What is Bombers Bar? We’re a group hosting public stealth bomber fleets for over 10 years all across New Eden. No need to join a corp, give ESI access or log into innumerable third party websites, just X-up, join comms and get flying.


We’re under way and reforming after downtime with a rattlesnake kill notched up so far

Bumping with our recent Archon and Leshak kills.

Lots of tears in local from the Archon.
Fleet is still going strong, drop by, In-game channel: ‘bombers bar’

Another carrier caught. Still going.

Rorq down, didn’t even PANIC. We’re still up and running.

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