Bomb, torps and probes Purifier fit. Any good?

I’m totally new to stealth bombers. This is the fit I have put together. I am using 2 torps and a bomb. My dps is 230, my speed is 890 with ab. With 3 torps, my dps would be 345.5. Is this a good Idea or will I be better ditching the bomb for torps? Also would it be a good Idea to drop the disruptor for a sensor dampener. Without trying this, my plan was to do a quick hit and run on explorers in null sec. Hopefully drop couple of bombs and a few torp volleys before I got smashed to bits. All advice would be appreciated. Cheers guys.

[Purifier, 2 torps]
Ballistic Control System II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Crosslink Compact Ballistic Control System

1MN Afterburner II
Warp Disruptor II
Phased Scoped Target Painter

Core Probe Launcher I
Bomb Launcher I
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher

Small Bay Loading Accelerator II
Small Warhead Rigor Catalyst I

Caldari Navy Mjolnir Torpedo x72

In theory this sounds fine, in actuality I don’t think it will work.

You’ll need to read up some more on how bombs work (i.e. they travel (iirc) 30km then explode), so any explorer seeing you decloak and the bomb launch will warp off before it lands. You also need to understand that torps do not apply well to smaller targets, they’re meant for killing battleships (or bigger), so a torp volley or two may scratch the paint of an exploration frig, but I don’t think you’ll kill anything.

If you’re looking to hunt explorers could consider switching to small guns or rockets (switch up the low slots/rigs if going guns) so you can decloak on top of them (no sensor re-calibration required for stealth bombers) point & kill… just be wary of any exploration ship capable of fielding drones as they will likely tear you to shreds as you have no tank.


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Thanks m8. I just gave it a try. It went like you said. I clicked the bombs but it didn’t fire. (probably my mistake.) Another 2 secs and my torps would have hit. Probably wouldn’t have done much against a probe I also tried scramming him but obviously that didn’t work also. Back to the drawing board. o7

Whether or not the fit is good will depend on your answer to the following question: What are you trying to do with this fit?

Also, you have to remember that Bombs are restricted to Wormhole or Nullsec space only. You cannot fire them in Highsec or Lowsec (collectively referred to as “Empire space”). Which may be the reason why your bomb did not fire off.

In addition, simply having 2 Torpedo Launchers is very ineffective. You should be striving to either have (1) all 3 missile launcher spots filled up, or (2) fit specifically for bombing, which as a solo pilot, I would not recommend.

Hi m8. Thanks for your reply. I am trying to solo explorers in null and wh space. I have decided to drop the bomb (no pun intended) I am putting 3 torps on a warp scrambler instead of a disruptor That was prolly why he escaped. by doing this I can get closer. I am planning to orbit with AB AT 8000M and hopefully get a quick kill before I am obliterated. I’d like to keep the painter. I’m playing with my rigs atm, going for max dps. Does this sound ok or would you advise something different?

I would drop the Torpedoes. Due to the way EVE Online’s missile mechanics work, you will be applying so little damage to the target with Torps that you’ll probably die long before you manage to kill him. Use T2 Rocket Launchers instead. They’ll apply a lot better to the target.

Drop the Target Painter as well. It’s good for gangs and fleets, not for solo. You’d be better off fitting some kind of a tank on there instead.

Thanks again m8. I think I might be better with my astero. lol o7

Really ? When attacking cruisers or stuff like that, isn’t the TP a good choice ?

I’m fitting two on my Manticore, but haven’t tested it’p yet, soo…

applied DPS after resists (edit : added OL painter+turrets)


I kept the parameters for the targets I used in the screenshot.

The thing is, you barely do 140DPS (edit : 170 with OL) against a moving target, and less than 100 DPS if it has a prop mod (edit : 125 with OL).
Against a 10mn target (solid line) you deal at max 50 DPS if it’s going at full speed.
even if your target is webbed to 40% you still can’t reach 150 DPS.

I have seen a similar fitting, minus the probe launcher to accommodate a full rack of torps, made to hunt/kill ratting cruisers+ . open with the bomb, paint and point, then torp to death. Manticore and Nemesis work best because mids. This fitting had some success. Asteros, hell even t1 explo frigs can kill bombers easily though so be careful.

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