Manticore Fit...Thoughts

Keep it basic and whys will help…

[Manticore, TVC-15 H&H]
Ballistic Control System I
Damage Control I

Peripheral Compact Target Painter
Stasis Webifier I
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher
Bomb Launcher I
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Small Ancillary Current Router I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I

Concussion Bomb x1
Mjolnir Torpedo x1500
Nanite Repair Paste x150

Ok so first it would be useful to know exactly what you plan on using this bomber for as there are a great many things they do well at and some they just don’t. without any background here you are.

Right off the bat the damage control is worthless, bombers have a very large sig radius for a frigate and virtually no tank at all so that slot could be better served with another Ballistic control unit or a Navy Micro Auxillary Powercore to help you drop the Ancillary current router and fit some more meaningful rigs.

Speaking of rigs the anti-em screen is worthless too since you have no shield tank really in a manticore, most manticores go for damage rigs though which one is up to you. I’ve also seen them use Aux. Thrusters, Hyperspatials, etc.

Not saying you HAVE to drop it but keep in mind an MWD is going to reserve about 20% of your total capacitor so you cant run your 3 utility mids very long with one, make sure you know whatever your hitting will die before the cap hits 0 or its just going to warp off. It also when active makes you as easy to hit as a cruiser with the signature radius bloom. so i’d recommend an afterburner.

Missiles - Your in a manticore if i remember correctly it receives a bonus to scourge torpedoes not Mjolnir, unless they just made it a flat damage buff to all torpedoes i havent honestly looked in years. Regardless you want those, Caldari Navy for the extra mmphff, seriously you need as much DPS as possible your gank is your tank.

In addition be sure to hunt when possible in areas where people might not fit Kinetic resists so you can maximize your potential. If you try killing a ratter who’s fighting say Guristas or Serpentis he’s going to have high Kinetic resists so your missiles will kinda just tickle. Where say out in Stain youll see Sansha’s Nation Rats where people might only be tanking Therm/EM with just a small omnitank so youll have much better applied DPS.

Your scrambler fit, which helps shut down MJD’s and such, however it also means your in Scram range too, and your MWD fit. You’ll also be in web range, nuet range, and a very easy target for drones that close too. Most bombers prefer a disruptor to kite for that exact reason. But scram bombers can work just be smart.

Other than that learn to bomb before you use it, ESPECIALLY if your fitting an MWD I cant tell you how many times ive watched someone MWD into their own bomb and poof. Bomb tactically ( clear out drones, void bombs ) and always keep those torpedoes Overloaded so you get every bit of DPS you need.


What pve content did you think to do with the Manticore?
Apart from some faction ware missions bombers are not exactly the first choice for pve, for good reasons.

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Not really sure why you have T1 mods there. Replace everything wtith meta modules.
Drop the DC, replace it with nanofiber or another BCS.
Target painter is a right call, so can be MWD but the scrambler is useless in this style.
Drop web and scrambler for disruptor and another painter or maybe sensor dampener\missile guidance computer. Afterburner is an option, and then scram+web might be a good choice for solo.

Fitting any tank is pretty worthless on a bomber, change the EM rig to either more speed, more more missile damage or application or what have you.

Never use T1 torps unless it’s literally the only thing you have left and there is absolutely positively no way to resupply. If you leave Jita without them, you just wasted 40 mil to save 500k. You don’t even need 1.5k, 480 faction torps would be enough and in your case, maybe even a little optimistic, you probably won’t live long enough to spend them.

Bombs to taste, and make sure have the same one as your fleet does, don’t be that guy.

Stay dangerous and kill stuff.

Ok thx for the detailed reply. There is so much out there I don’t want to simply copy fittings I want too learn the whys.
My plan is to hunt rats, ratters, explorers, run combat sites is low and null. I am not a good reactive PVP player, in fact I am good at panicking and dying, lol, so my thought the further away I am the better off I will be.

Does this help…

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Combat sites in a bomber is a bad idea. Frigs will get you, and if you use MWD, everyone else will too. Explorers… possible, but don’t dick around with Asteros. They will either run away (double stabbed bastards) or break your teeth.

Ratters, maybe but probably not solo.
Rats in null, if you pick your targers right (BS and BC, no frigs) and use AB, possible.

in eve you have to choose: pve or pvp? brawling or kiting? fighting or escaping? etc.
so if you wanna hunt explorers, bombers can be an option, because no lock delay after decloaking. But choose explo frigs (T1 or t2) as targets, not explorers who can fight back (asteros, stratios, etc), or you will die quickly. And be aware that bombers are supposed to be good at shooting big targets (battleships etc), not frigs.
Using a bomber to rat (“hunt” rats you said? no hunting process there…): why not but there are so many better ships for that…
Run combat sites? : no
Run combat sites in null??? in a bomber? no, really, no
I would like to suggest you to find a corp and some corpmates who will teach you the basics and will answer your questions

What ship and fitting is used to run WH Combat sites then…

rattlesnake. For c3-c4 sites. Drake for c2. Well, gila can also do c3 but slow.
But you want corp for wh pve content. Without hole control you either will end in high traffic system with hisec hole or you gonna spent hours on finding quiet hole that will give you content for max one day.

Solo living in wh is fun and exiting but not near to efficient.

Same here - try training high Drone skills and sniping with Sentries, if you can fit an MJD as well very few things can get close enough to even scratch your paintwork.

Can you run Combat Sites with Drones ans sentries ans whats a MJD


Microjump drive
i would like to suggest you to join a corp, to learn the basics

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There are a number of usage of a Stealth Bomber but the current fit just have too much problem to suit anything.

Exactly. You are aiming at too many functions. A non-specialized ship in eve usually does not mean it can do everything. More often it means it cannot do anything :slight_smile:

With little more than 3k ehp you have, if you wish to pvp you will need to know what you can kill. The optimized target is ships that are slow and big in signature. This means they are usually battlecruiser and above, and non-capital ship because you can’t kill them in time if you are soloing. Also you will need to understand which ship can kill you in range. As they are usually large ships, you’d probably not wish to get close so the scram and web does not work really well. Warp disrupter for range and shield extender for some extra tank might serve. But man, nowadays solo stealth bombers is not the current meta…

For the bomb launcher I highly doubt it will be useful in most of the circumstances, if you are soloing. It cost so much CPU ang PG, and it increase your signature.

As the posts above said, no damage control unless you go for some real tank (shield extenders) and no EM rig as you have basically no shield…

For Torp launcher, if you cannot use T2 launcher probably your skill is not good enough to go solo in a stealth bomber. I mean both skillpoints and player skill. There are other ships that are easier to go with if you wish to PVP. Get some kinetic missile to benefit from your ship bonus, not EM Mjolnir missile.

Again Stealth bomber is not the meta now, especially for solo. Available target types are too little.

You need to realise that a stealth bomber is an extremely specialized ship. Its sole purpose is pvp against large targets.

You can use it for some other things (hunting explorers) but it will be sub-optimal at such tasks.

Do not use a stealth bomber for PVE, it will die.

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Think I will shelve the Manticore for now

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