Ship/Cargo Scanner to give penalty e.g. suspect timer

This post proposes a change to the make scanners give you a suspect timer. It is a feature request to CCP.

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Features requests do effect everyone to a greater or lesser extent. So feel free to say how it would affect you personally, your; squad, corp, alliance. Also say if it’s a good or bad idea, or even just no effect.

Finally lets be nice, fair and ask for clarification.

That said feel free to comment because it is your forum. And that’s what the word Forum means; “a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
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Fly safe

Definition: Actions that should receive a suspect timer are; anything that penetrates or “moves through” the hull of another capsuleer, without permission, is aggressive behaviour.

The basic idea of the safety system is to protect players from aggression in high sec. If you look at the aggressive nature of each action, as it relates to aggression, below you may see a theme.

Aggressive ; Red boxing, firing on capsuleer, Podding, Using a smart bomb in high sec!

Semi-aggressive e.g Suspect timer; Stealing from yellow wreck/can. Releasing a players’ cargo to space.

Not aggressive; Locking a teammate (purple boxing), Yellow boxing a player. Looking in a can, wreck. Seeing the state of shields, armour, or hull.

Changes CCP has made.
Repping: …If a pilot is remote repairing, or otherwise assisting, another pilot who commits a criminal act then the repair module will now disengage. In order to continue repairs the module will need to be restarted and a message will appear warning of the criminal flag and possible consequences.

Yellow boxing… In order to help you see when you are truly “yellow boxed” in the “incoming-attack-sense”, we are changing it so when a fleet member targets you, the bracket around their ship will be in the fleet color rather than yellow.

Proposed change to mechanic: When you scan a capsuleer, you will receive a yellows suspect timer. You will have to change your safety settings to yellow or red to used the cargo/ship scanner.

END EDIT 2 July 2018

Dear CCP,

I saw this idea and thought of You De Ma :cold_sweat: So much content.

Yes, give anyone using a ship/cargo scanner a suspect timer. My thoughts it should be anyone that uses one on a ship.

And to be fair it may also be applied to ship against to cargo/cans that do not belong to you.

Perhaps it should also apply to PVE/Exploration.

The other thing is, will a suspect timer be enough to get haulers to take action against stacked odds?

Other comments are below;

Someone who made sense in that thread

The original thread which tried to be buried by bankers and alts.



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Yes, lols if it’s in the small print of the next patch.


What’s next, haulers shouldn’t show up in local or on the overview?

Cargo scanning already has gameplay around it - if you don’t want to be scanned, then use a ship that is immune to being scanned or double wrap your cargo.

Stop asking for a harmless intel tool that already has counters to be nerfed because you are too lazy to use the existing tools to protect your privacy.


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What is the counter?


Even though I originally made the general discussion post as a joke, the OP got a point. Scanning someone’s ship is suspicious and can’t be done accidentally like bumping or following. There’s pretty much only one reason to ever cargo scan a ship, and that’s if you’re going after what’s in it. Sounds pretty SUSPECT to me.


He’s saying double shrink wrap your stuff so they can’t see what’s inside which pretty much means you’re carrying something valuable enough to hide so they’re gonna know you’re juicy regardless lol.

However, being scanned can be countered by mwd+cloak on every jump and by using instant warp bookmarks when undocking. They will never be able to lock you to actually start a scan.


I think it’s a great idea. Mainly because it will grief gankers to no end.


Nice no risk no reward I like it :].


Double-wrapping your cargo and the Blockade Runner. Two separate counters that make you perfectly immune to cargo scans.

I guess there is also the covert cloaking device if you want to be complete, oh and a sub-2s aligning ship.

I understand why you would ask CCP to change the rules of the game in your favour, but you still haven’t said how you think this would make the game better in any way. Your only reason seems to be to make your game easier and the other guy’s harder. Why should CCP spend any time on this?

Or a webbing alt…

webbing alts dont always work. Im sure there are limitations to double wrapping your packages. you can STILL get scanned on the undock while using instant undocking bookmarks. … AND you can get scanned trying to mwd cloak.

I think actually like most roles in the game, especially that hasnt been balanced, gear towards the pvp side. and thats okay with me. I think adding a suspect timer to players who cargo scan or ship scan out of corp players, is a great idea… Im not sure if it would grief gankers though, but maybe youll see them bitch how its not as easy as it was to get away with murder and a heist. Concord just blows up the alts that did the ganking while the REAL alts scoop your ■■■■ or conducted teh initial scan in the first place. and there is no risk to them.

If you scan a ship or its cargo, if you take someone elses cargo, if you shoot someone else, without the provocation, or engagement thingy, it should be an act of aggression.


Not a bad idea. Maybe the game mechanic should be that actively targeting and scanning cargo results in suspect flag. But using passive targeting and scanning cargo doesn’t result in suspect flag, however takes longer to lock and scan.

But what really needs to happen is bounty and criminal game mechanics needs tweaking so it actually works. And I’m not talking about nerfing ganking, but making an improved mechanic that’s fun for gankers and the rest of high sec dwellers. And results in more stories.

I don’t want to derail this topic, there are other threads devoted to fixing bounties. Just sayin tho… more high sec shenanigans and stories would liven up this game…


Well, I can see how both tie into each other directly… gankers get bounties, and bounty hunters take revenge… would be a fun thing to do, bounty hunting gankers!!! but the bounty system. yea…

That is a good idea, good meaning its a logical idea, and supported with an example, to delay the locking time with a passive targeting system, but wont receive the timer? Interesting way to delegate the issues with resolve.


Perhaps you haven’t learned how to web with an alt…

Oh I have… I use them all the time when moving larger assets… or when in sketchy areas. I havent lost anything while doing so, but I have seen it happen, and I have seen it on the killboards. I know its circumstantial but that should go without saying.


The target of scanning isnt just haulers, so the webbing part only effects one thing. You scan mission runners and other ships that may be blinged out. If they have expensive fits a gank or wardeck may be worthwhile. Perhaps the info that now is obtained in complete safety should have some pvp in it.


Cause right now scanning is free Intel no risk lol… Ganking too. The only way to actually fight them is to avoid them or suicide their tornados with your tornado lol

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Or, you know, all the other ways they just mentioned…

Meh avoiding fights isn’t content or a satisfying counter imo. No way to bite back.

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