Continued Scarcity

Scarcity as we know it right now is not going to change and this is the new norm. So nothing short for players walking away again or devs getting fired, this eve now.

I walked away from eve when scarcity started, I came back because i believed CCP lie that scarcity was ending in Nov, and I walked away again at the end of Dec.

CCP/Eve Online will have to earn my business again. Nothing short of balancing mining Vs the risk will bring me back to Eve.


It’s already balanced vs risks.
In light of that information, can I have your stuff?


i have to disagree. Ask any orca or rorqual pilot if the reward is worth the risk of putting their ships on the field.


If I had an Orca I’d use it.

Risk is what makes this game fun. That and succeeding where so many on these forums appear to fail.


They don’t have to use those ships.
I had to mine for a couple of hours yesterday ( I know… sacrilege! ) 'cause I wanted some ammo and didn’t want to go back to Amarr as I had just returned. Guess what, I didn’t use any of those behemoths. I simply got myself a free corvette and went for it. I mined for 2 hours without interruption, hell I even went to the bathroom several times while my ship was in space shooting at rocks. Of course, I didn’t mine within two jumps of a major hub and I did watch Local, where only 4 guys were logged in = acceptable risks.
The point is: you adapt, you improvise, you take the opportunities as they present themselves.

If I want a huge target painted on my back, sure I can jump into an Orca but why would I do that?


Because you would not be mining for two hours to get the ore you need to build ammo. Plus Orca’s are for boosts. Personally I mine in a hulk if I’m getting boosts from an Orca or a retriever if I’m on my own.

I understand that but I did it because I could afford spending the two hours mining and I had done what I wanted to do beforehand. I don’t usually mine, I don’t much care for it but I didn’t mind at all that time although I won’t make a habit out of it.

I hate the idea of tons of people having titans – they were supposed to be the flagship for an alliance.
So I support what scarcity wants to achieve, but holy hell it sucks.

The amount of people that won’t risk big isk and instead are roaming around in gangs 20 deep looking for people to grief has spiked since May. Its ruining the game for those of us who do stuff besides follow FC into warp and hit F1.

note: this probably started before May, but May is when I really noticed the huge uptick in griefers.



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Those players are adapting to the situation. They’re being smart. Can’t fault players for being smart.

Welcome to PvP. Nothing forbids you and your friends from doing the same, then you’d be ruining somebody else’s day.

How is a group of guys playing within game rules “griefers” ? Please explain.

Why risk big isk when it can be done for less?
What amount is acceptable for you? Where in the EULA does it say that if you don’t risk X amount you cannot do X activity?


FYI an Orca fuel bay is so small that it can not mine for more then 60 minutes.

It is not over! So you like ships costing 2 or 3 times as much? I don’t! It was bad enough when it took 40 hours of grind in the ship for what ever it did. An Orca in high sec is making about 2-3M isk per hour. An Orca fitted is what? About 1.5B isk? So that is lot longer then 40 hours to pay for a gank.


As an Orca and Rorqual pilot, sure it’s worth the risk (for the Orca, what risk - that is totally manageable to almost 0 risk depending on where you are operating).

As a solo orca pilot, the reward isn’t there, but it’s norning to do with risk, just mining changes. However as a fleet support vessel, absolutely worth it. The reward far outweighs the risk.

If you had to mine in a free ship for 2 hours to buy ammo, I seriously doubt that you can “jump into an Orca”. But I like your spirit.

How all that risk? An Orca should be making serious isk. The Orca needs a panic module.

So this takes us back to the N+1 problem that Eve has and has had since the beginning of Eve.

So everyone should just use starter ships like in New World? Nothing to loot and nothing to sell because nothing is worth the risk?

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An orca solo isn’t really worth it currently given the mining changes, even with the T2 large industrial core and fully skilled to minimise fuel use. It certainly doesn’t feel as useful in my view, compared to solo mining in an orca before the changes.

But, that’s just 1, not N+1. There is no N+1 in a solo orca (well, I guess there is if N = 0).

ROFL. We all know you lying bruv. You already got exposed. It isn’t griefing, its intended gameplay.

You choose to fly solo, you accept the risks, period. N+1 is intended. No one told you to jump into someone’s hole with an unarmed prax :smiley:

You won’t risk big ISK either bruv :smiley: You won’t even spare the change to outfit your prax, yet you’re supposedly rich ROFL.

He has no friends :smiley:

If you had any game sense at all, you’d know that you use the tool best fit for the job :smiley: She already said she knew using an orca would put a target on her. She was smart, did what she had to do and succeeded. I know, EVE is hard for you huh :smiley:


In a proper fleet they will. They are no longer, and never should have been, the solo rock pwn mobile.


So have a hauler bring more or warp to a station to refuel. Is this such a hard thing to do?