Plain Communications Please

Debating on resubbing. I hear rumors about scarcity coming to an end. Does that mean Kernite/Omber returning to High Security? Maybe the other ORE stuff too! On faith I resubbed b in October hoping CCP would come to it senses like they did for Communications black out. Mineral Bundles for 4.99 is an absolute NON STARTER for me. 3 Omega accounts on the line. FS everyone.

Scarcity is not coming to an end. CCP might rebalance scarcity once more, but I expect the changes to last.

Everything will settle, prices will rebalance to demand and supply. There will be plenty of options to become rich and plenty of chances to become poor.

Just be prepared to update your activities more often to the more frequent EVE updates.

Enjoy the game. Alpha is perfectly okay if you doubt Omega is worth your hard earned money.


Wait. Right now they are still screwing up the game, riding the COVID gaming wave and telling themselves all is well.

When the COVID gaming wave ends and subs tank, then maybe they will make fixes.


In your dreams.
CCP didn’t go through all the trouble of re-allocating all the ores only to turn around and undo what they’ve spent months to prepare.
I think the way it is now is the way it will be for a long time. Get used to it.

Move out of HiSec. It sucks big time. HiSec is for noob. I’m only 3mo into the game and am living in 0.4 and going into 0.3 and 0.0 to find ore and content, I’m loving it. It helps that I found a cool gang of players to spend my time with.

Take care
Fly Crazy


The rumors are wrong and the people spreading them are idiots.
What CCP views as “scarcity” and what krabs thing that means are different. If you read the devblog, CCP says they want a new system that’s more dynamic and can adjust on its own. What that actually means or what it will look like, no one knows and anyone claiming to know are lying.

No, why would it?

No, why would it?

Are you just spewing conspiracy theory level nonsense for the sake of it?

Actually, CCP said that resource scarcity will come to an end. Not sure when it will happen though.


It will happen when everyone would’ve gotten used to the way it is now and then there’ll be more complaining. :laughing:


You can always get less scarcity, but nowhere near the pre-scarcity level.

Also watch out for some other changes that will make those changes to scarcity meaningless.

There are sometimes issues with them keeping word, or actually not telling you whole truth.

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Genius posting. Stellar A1 well thought out max brain power required thinking being demonstrated by this fine specimen.


Like CCP advertises… GET RICH buying their PLEX off them. lol :rofl: :yawning_face:

Was a bit further away from the monitor so couldn’t see clearly, and misread “Plain” as “Pain” in the title.

Got really excited for a second there.

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CCP couldn’t listen to simple suggestions by veterans that would fix low sec FW
meanwhile they changed the mineral game and now my home is full of crabs

OH GOD :frowning:

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I wish someone would dub over one of those nature documentary crab episodes, and make it EVE-themed with all of the krab memes.

“As the northern hemisphere nights draw longer, and the full effects of resource scarcity are felt in New Eden, the krabs migrate West toward the ample systems of the Delve region, where they will gorge themselves on the last remaining anomalies and asteroid fields bountiful from the effects of well-managed infrastructure hubs. Still, the teeming masses are too many, and some degree of austerity is inescapable for all. Their collective wailing is a nearly unbearable cacophony as they take to their labor, putting in more work than at any prior point in the cluster’s history. So onerous and time-intensive are their efforts to feed themselves, that the krabs will not be mating this season.”

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If your industrial accounts are being sub’d, you are doing something very, very wrong, stop.

Industrial accounts are to be plexed, if your goods are selling at less than it costs you to produce then you are better just buying the plex from CCP, it’ll be more dollar efficient for you.

The fact your goods are selling so low you can’t even pay the base cost of your indy plex is very concerning.

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Scarcity was always temporary.

But you will not be able to make the same money as you did pre-scarcity as easily as you did pre-scarcity. And isogen will not be coming back to hisec. Isogen is now a low-sec mineral and will be for the foreseeable future.

BDSM for the win.

Resource scarcity is only something that affects alliances in null. For your average pilot in hi-sec it’s not an issue, you can find most ores in hi-sec if you know where to look and put the time in. If you re-sub come join my corp and I will teach you how to be profitable.

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Thank you for the kind offer but I’ve already resubbed few days ago and joined a corporation I’m comfortable with.
Also, I’m not a HiSec player. I don’t like HiSec, too many capsuleers around for my taste. I suffer from Agoraphobia, am anti-social and have trouble trusting, for real, that’s one of the reasons I started playing solo but now that I understand that joining a corporation is pretty much a requirement for playing EVE, I found it within myself to try and trust a few people when I got invited into the corp. I’m in now.

However, just because I’m with a particular group doesn’t mean I can’t play and learn from others so if you’re ever around the Kor-Azor/Khanid/Querious regions, shoot me a message and we can see what kind of fun we can get into :slight_smile:

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