Citadel Unanchoring

Okay, so i just recently became an Citadel Owner and my corp leader left and gave it to me due to wardeccs…so i’m thinking of unanchoring it and moving but at the same time i try to estimate when it will be fully unanchored…i’m thinking CCP should make a unanchor timer (can only be seen by the role Station Manager or CEO) That would help me a lot and some other people out there that have a fear of their Citadels being stolen. I think it matters because the CEO or Station Manager can see how long until its unanchored and pick it up safely without people stealing it. If they added it, I would be highly greatful.

Thank you for taking your time to read this!

Fly safe! o7

-Grand Moff Tarkin1

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You don’t need to estimate. It unanchors exactly 7 days from when you start the process and there should be a notification in your CEO’s notification list with a time stamp to the minute of when you started the unanchoring process. Just add 7 days to that and you know exactly when your structure can be scooped.

I am not sure who gets that notification, probably just the CEO and station managers as you asked for.


Ah okay, well it was just an idea lol, thnx for tuning in :slight_smile: