More Unanchoring Warnings for Crabbers

On a daily basis, I hover every station I dock at. Off grid and on grid, to determine whether it is unanchoring. I have noticed that when undocking, unanchoring never shows on grid until I have warped away and warped back to a station, yet if I hover a station while warping to it then unanchoring still won’t show when I get on grid. This is counterintuitive, and I would like it if there were some message on grid or in station to display whether the stations I dock at are unanchoring. I wait for eight seconds and warp to station after entering a system to ensure that the unanchoring status has time to load, yet there seems to be no reproducible way of finding out whether a station is unanchoring because my ship docks before the station’s status can update. Or maybe hovering the station prevents its status from being displayed. Please give us a reproducible method to check whether our implants will be destroyed, or allow the unanchoring status to update when we warp on grid. I have zero packet loss, the station wasn’t in structure, and when I hover the station for eight seconds while warping to zero, it never shows as unanchoring. So please give us a way to find out if a station is unanchoring!

sounds like a you problem ? if i enter a system i see if the structure is unachoring or not. i dont need to warp to it ! same as i undock from a station thats unanchoring oO

so no… its visible enough if you take a look !

on the other hand → its not your station and the station owner dont need to have it to hard if he unanchores a structure … it takes 7 days and it does not need to be a popup in system or something else ! its not your station so you dont need to know …

if its to risky to dock on other ppl´s citadell then you have already the possibility to place your own. then you know when its unanchoring !

No. Entering a system does not display unanchoring status. The only reliable method seems to be undocking from the upwell structure which you want to check, warping off grid, and then warping on grid again. For example, when entering a system in cloud ring, you can only see the unanchoring status of the structure you’ve undocked from. I think this is poor game design.

if you cant understand i cant help you ! because YOU got problem does not meat the gamedesign is bea… only means youre problem is YOUR PROBLEM ! and nobody else has this problem / see this as problem …

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