Fixing Distance Issues on Citadels

I have noticed that there is some range distortion regarding Citadels.

Sitting at 20km away from a Citadel with a ship that is tethered to the Citadel the distance should be 20km but for some reason the distance ends up being 80 to 100 km away.

It should be 20km from the Citadel, or 20km from the ship?

If the first, then that’s the way it works in my experience.

If you mean 20km from the ship, not exactly. The ship and the Citadel are separate entities and the distance to each is calculated separately.

Since Citadels are huge, it’s quite possible to be 20km from the Citadel, but 100km from a tethered ship.

The same was (and still is) true on stations also, though the distances are smaller.

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I was wondering if that was the case. I have sat cloaked at 20km from a citadel and ships have been coming out of the exit point at a distance of 60 + km.

Yeah, the 0km range to a Citadel is measured from the circular line that surrounds it. Entities in EvE are essentially spheres for calculations. So if you are 20km off that line, you’ll be 20km from the Citadels docking range.

Ships inside that line will then be at greater range to you.


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