Anchoring citadels in 2023

I know the minimum anchoring distance is 1000km from a belt or structure, but what is the max distance away can i anchor ? thought i saw something that said 50,000km, now i can’t remember

This is all i saw on eve wiki.
Citadels must be placed between 50-75km away from the anchoring ship dependent on citadel size.
Citadels must be anchored at least 1000km away from an existing station, citadel or asteroid belts.

Saw nothing else about distance

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Aside from the minimum distances from objects, you can plonk one down anywhere if you can get there.

So you can warp into the middle of nowhere for a mission, bookmark the spot and come back later plonk you structure down.


Or you can fir a 50MN Dramiel or Ceptor or Punisher and just fly in one direction AFK for a long time and then plop the structure down. Maybe you’ll find something cool along the way like grid borders or a point when a decimal point on an AU distance ticks up or down just by flying subspace.


Upwell Structures can be deployed anywhere in the system as long as they are far enough away from other objects. Most of the Upwell Structures have to be at least 1,000 km away from other structures or objects like stargates and stations. If the restrictions are different for the particular type of structure, it is noted in its Description.

See EVE Support - Upwell Structure Deployment for more info.


I think he’s actually asking is there a maximum distance…i.e an edge to any system. I don’t think anyone’s ever tried to find out, as it would take months with a MWD to reach any edge. I guess there might be some advantage to having a base 500 AU from anywhere.

It would take roughly half a year for a ship doing 10km/s to fly 1AU manually.

There used to be “deep-safe” bookmarks made from old signature/mission site IDs, but a few years ago CCP ran a script and moved them all to within 4AU from their closest object, which is now a “hard limiter” for where signatures can spawn, i.e. a signature can’t spawn further from the sun than 4AU away from the most distant object from the sun.

So theoretically there is a skybox? Outer edge in every system of New Eden?

I first thought it was one vast open server cluster and the reason we have stargates is to shorten the travel.

It’s about 21 hours in my 2000km/s Condor. So there we have the reason there are no bases 500 AU from any stargate…it would take almost a year to MWD there. That’s probably also why there is no ‘edge’ to any system…none is needed.


The real question is: Can you fly into the sun and put a citadel up beyond the warp-in at zero spot, and if you can do people wind up at the warp-in at zero spot when they try to warp to your citadel?

I think the sun is actually a Large Collidable, though I could be wrong. If you managed to get inside, wouldn’t you just be bumped out with stupendous force?

You can get into it by flying at it and you don’t get bumped. When you warp to zero at the sun you actually end up quite a distance away. If you fly some distance (let’s say 50,000 km) towards it then make a bookmark, then warp away and back to your bookmark you end up 50,000 km away from your bookmark at the normal warp at zero spot.

So in theory a citadel could be placed closer to the sun but when warping to it you’d land on the spot you land when warping to the sun, away from the citadel.

1 au (astronomical unit) is the distance from the earth to the sun
its a lot ( 150 million kilometres / or 745643948 furlongs for the US crowd :facepalm: )
i had a deep safe from a bugged anomaly that took like 15 minutes warping to get to
but as DC said CCP wiped the deep safes some time ago


Anchored online stuctures should generate passive ore to the Corporation hangers simular to how planet materials are extracted.

Seems perfect for a war HQ structure. :smirk: :smiling_imp: :innocent:


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