Anchoring of structures to celestial bodies

With the current spamming of citadels across New Eden, there has to be a way to check and balance the anchoring of Citadels, to prevent them from clogging up space.

My proposal is to make structures ‘anchored’ to a celestial body and must be anchored within 1 AU of the body that the structure is ‘aligned’ to.

Each citadel type would have to be anchored to a certain type of celestial body. Only one structure per body.

Engineering complexes-
Raitaru- Anchored to a moon or planet
Azbel- Anchored to a planet
Sotiyo- Without sov must be anchored to star, with sov can be anchored to planets

Astrahus-Anchored to a planet or moon
Fortizar- Anchored to a planet
Keepstar- Without sov must be anchored to star, with sov can be anchored to planets

Athanor- Must be anchored to a moon
Tatara- Must be anchored to a moon or planet

Navigation Structures-
Ansiblex Jump gate- Anchored to a planet
Pharolux Cyno beacon- Anchored to a planet
Tenebrex Cyno jammer- Anchored to a planet

Older structures won’t need to be aligned, but any structure afterwords must be aligned.

All in all, I believe this system will reduce the structure spam that is seen in highsec and lowsec, as well as giving a cool narrative.

If you don’t like structure spam then wardec. Use the tools in the game already.


Yup imma just wardec on imperium real quick, and legacy, and gotg, and HRE, and … you get the point. If this was a problem with just 1 or 2 corps this would be fine, but the fact that it is a widespread issue across all of new eden says something about it.

Edit: besides, salt, many people just stash away their structures in alt corps to protect themselves from wardecs

That has a solid shot at increasing structure spam where to prevent interlopers every slot would be taken preemptively in whole constellations.

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well then bash the structures, its not like there are any limits right now, so two people can just spam structures even further

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