Thinking about citadel spam

So, i often see thoughts about citadel spam - yes, i think it bad mechanic, which break down game.
What fixed it? i think, it realy easy.

  1. no reinforcement (RF) on medium low power (LP) citadel - [astrahus / raitaru / athanor]
  2. only one RF on medium citadel - as jump gate / cyno beacon / cyno jammer now.
  3. ADD “armor reinforcement service module” - for medium citadels. It add armor RF and citadel has defence mechanic as now. This module REQURE another worked service module (clone station/manufacturing plant/drilling, etc) for armor RF and consumes fuel blocks. If it fitted without another services module - see point 2.
  4. Citadel can be anchored only on object orbit in space - only ONE - on moon / planet / gate / sun / asteroid belt. Yes, i know about convenience, when all production cluster (athanors/raitarus, forti/azbel/tatara, sotiyo) on a grid, i dont know, how to keep it and limit citadel in system, maybe it bad mechanic too (or you offer better variant).
  5. Increase limit on incoming damage (on M, L and XL structures) - at least x2.
  6. L and XL structures, if for a long time in LP (for example - 1 year) forfeit hull RF and can be killed without any RF.

And i hope, CCP make realy open space (such as recent bug with anomalies in billions au), when we can anchor chitadel not in system (but on some object, ccpls, do it)

This will make structure grind way harder, imo, because citadels as they are now can be deployed in enemy space and serve as FOBs for attacking force. Limiting to “only one per celestial” removes that possibility/convenience.

Usually in systems are free place on moons, it not problem. About production clusters - i think will good idea “no more 3 smaler structrues in grid”, e.g. for example 1 sotiyo, 3 large citadels, 9 medium citadels.

When pos were the only structure moons were filled with unpowered sticks simply to take up space. This will just bring that back.

I’m a little confused here. What part of the citadel spam is the problem that this is trying to fix?

I don’t understand the point of:

  1. If there’s no RF period for Medium citadels, doesn’t that mean all small corporations will get bullied hardcore by more developed alliances since the larger alliances can just steam roll through and destroy Medium structures left and right. This means anyone trying to set up shop must do so with a Fortizar, which is already a bigger barrier to entry for many small corporations.

Not sure who that is going to help or what part of “citadel spam” that’s supposed to address.

  1. This suggestion is pretty much already in the game in the form of Low Power structures. A citadel with an active service already gains bonuses to defense and RF timers. Again, not sure what the point of this suggestion is.

  2. See point 2.

  3. As someone who is in a major alliance, I like this idea. This sets a hardcap on the total number of citadels that can be in a system. So my major alliance can just fill up all of those slots with our own structures and prevent anyone from every anchoring their own structures.

This will make it so that it’s INCREDIBLY difficult for an attacking force to gain a foothold in our region. At best, they may get a couple of lucky systems in range to jump to and from. At worst, they’ll have to use the Regional Stargates, that we can easily block with a ton of bubbles and scouts.

  1. Again, I’m not sure what this is supposed to do about “citadel spam”. You’re just increasing the damage cap? Now I need twice as many people dealing twice as much DPS in order to pause a timer. Great news for big alliances, bad news for smaller groups.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever see an L or XL structure remain in Low Power for 1 year. So I don’t know what use case scenario this is supposed to be addressing. Are L and XL structures abandoned for over 1 year a common problem?

And again, when someone claims that it’s an easy fix, they really have no idea what they’re talking about. This rule of thumb has been proven to still be correct.

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