Citadel nerf ideas

I loved station games, I loved entosing station services, I loved booshing things off the undock

Here are some simple ideas that would make citadels great content creators:
- no tether when offline
encourages maintaining important assets, discourages structure spam
- offensive mods only usable at <95% shield or when reinforced
enables fighting on them when the structure is not the objective
- warpable athanors from sig scanner when a field is up
ever tried to find a miner on a planet with 40 of them?

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This is a great idea actually. Would help address a lot of POS spam. Would encourage people to actually maintain POSes or not field them at all… or suffer the consequences.

This I disagree with. It unnecessarily eliminates a gameplay element to no real benefit (it does not make things interesting or address an existing problem), and there is no lore reason or realistic reason as to why this wouldn’t work. It’s quire unrealistic, actually. If the enemy is at the gate in any real life military situation, you’re not going to wait until they start bashing it before you attack.

There is no good reason for Athanors to be singled out like this. It’s one of those “just deal with it” situations.

Do we get Citadel buffs to make it easier for a small group to defend against a slightly larger group such as

  • Citadels can fit command boosts.
  • Citadels can fit logistics modules.
  • Citadels not having so few slots, so they can actually impact more ships in an enemy fleet with things like Ewar.
    None of these will impact a Citadel without any defenders, or super large fleets such as keepstar battles. But they will impact smaller scale battles making it more possible for defenders to punch up above their weight with a defence fleet.
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