Citadel decay System

Since their introduction, Citadels shoot out of the ground like mushrooms. To prevent Space littering and senseless grind in undefended space, i would like to see some sort of a decay System for Citadels.

  • If not fueled, the Citadel looses it’s Shield layer and so the whole first timer.

  • If not fueled within the next 3 Months, it loses the armor Layer and invulnerability window. Can now be attacked and destroyed any time without timer.

Yes, it would need some more commitment from Citadel owners in the form of logistic. But since the price is a not very useful tool to prevent Citadel spam and would mostly hurt smaller groups, it’s the best way i see to tackle that problem.

it is quite logical to assume they (ccp) knew that this spamming of citadels would happen, considering them setting the prices. As they thus know that the cheapest and second cheapest variants will be easily available for the broad masses, it’s safe to assume that the spam is “by design” and thus nothing in this regard will change until they, ccp, burn highsec to the ground.

rightfully so, i might add.

If you are tired of seeing citadel spam, you the player are already empowered through game mechanics to do something about it.

Get some friends together and raze entire systems of them to the ground. Show the weak that you are there to smash their sandcastles and they’ll eventually take the hint and move elsewhere. That’ll sort out which ones are actually being used quicker and easier than expecting CCP to code a solution to what ails you with the added bonus of earning a few killmails!

If you want the litter gone, sometimes the simplest solution is to pick up some yourself whenever and wherever you see it!

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Survival of the fittest.

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pick up some yourself whenever and wherever you see it!

i wasn’t there, but i’ve heard ninja salvaging was a thing before salvage prices dropped considerably.