Spamming structures


given the current spamming of all types of structures both in high sec and low\null sec does anyone else got the feeling that their price should have been double if not triple up?


I dunno man. I don’t claim to know what the price should be. But I’ve been trying to afford something for my own operations and have found that even the cheapest one is beyond my means, as I’m not ‘space rich.’

It’s like with anything else. If you double or triple the price, the little guy is gonna get hurt, but the big guy isn’t gonna feel anything.

When I drive down the road, it is lined with Walmarts, Burger Kings, and whatever else. Maybe we should quintuple the prices of those things.

If you don’t like them, you can blow them up (the Eve stuff, not the real life stuff LOL).

These are just thoughts - nothing more.

The players who sell them decide on the price. I don’t see the problem with station spam, other than server load, and if that becomes a problem, CCP will step in and sort it out. That’s the only thing that will result in CCP stepping in though.

They should not have been introduced in the first place.

Why not? Apart from asset safety, it’s exactly what EVE players have been saying POS’s should have been from the very beginning.

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I tend to think less NPC, and more PC, is better. This pertains to stargates and whatever else too, which I’m happy to see is being considered, as I’ve had the same idea for years.


More PC is worse for EVE in general. The more PC control EVE got, the worse it feels in terms or gameplay, enjoyment and sustainability.

The citadel spam in Delve and Kimotoro, among other places, is hideous. The fact that citadels introduced the same idiotic gameplay mechanics, which hamper null sec since for ever are now also applied in high sec make things worse. The fact that citadels require huge fleets for attacks or defense, especially in null sec, with all the stupid server problems make them worse still. The more PC EVE gets, the more the stupidity of the players shows and that makes EVE less enjoyable.

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I don’t get it. If we just want NPCs, it doesn’t need to be a massively-multiplayer online game. Everybody can just run the game at home and interact with NPCs - no server required.

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It’s not about no player interaction, it’s about these figments of player stupidity.

Wait. It IS either about player interaction… or not. If you want NPCs, I say remove the server, NPC-ify everything, and we can just run the game at home. If you want player interaction, keep the MMO element, and PC-ify things more (player-owned stargates, etc). I don’t quite ‘get’ your approach.

No, you are hyperbolic. EVE felt more enjoyable and engageable before citadels were introduced, and it certainly had less tedium. And we had a lot more player interaction and content happening all over the universe, not all these anchored in place entities because of citadels or stupidly large lag fests because of one structure, and then have the “war” aborted.

There was more player interaction before citadels, not less.

I’m uninterested in your assessment of whether there was more player interaction before, less player interaction before, amount of lag you think the game has, etc. I’m interested in your philosophy on what the game is supposed to be, and how certain things should be decided.

Is it supposed to be an MMO, player-driven kind of thing? Great! Except… you don’t like player-owned structures? But you are fine with player-owned ships I guess? How many ships should we be allowed to have, and which ones exactly? In what areas and in what numbers?

How exactly are you deciding up-front (in your vision of things) what the proper mix of PC, vs. NPC, is? Is your approach simply that if you arbitrarily “don’t like” how certain things end up (a proliferation of player-owned structures that you deem ‘too much’), that’s bad, so it shouldn’t be allowed?

Just for the record citadels don’t require large fleets to kill. Handful of ships can do it in a reasonable time even if they are manned it’s just tedious. Ofc a large fleet may be required if the defenders bring a large defense fleet of their own but that’s always been the case for all eve fights.

I decide that by my experience that I have accumulated and shared with you by my description above. Back then you had content and activity, now you have just people sitting around and farming with supers and carriers (NPC and players alike).

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Sorry, you didn’t give an answer. You just spout confused nonsense. You either have no coherent vision or plan, or you are unable to articulate it.

I’m sorry that you cannot discern it from my messages. Let me make it clearer: I don’t need this rubbish with more player control because it leads to nothing but more unnecessary tedium and annoyance. What I want is the reliability of the previous years that allowed you to concentrate on activity and content with ships, and not on how to maintain your structure swarm.

There are too many player structures - Space is becoming static - Sov is not changing hands.

The game is stagnating because there are too many structures need to be destroyed for players to worry about fighting for sov. So sov pretty much isn’t changing hands.

Lag fests/TIDI, when a fight over a large or Xlarge (sometimes mediums) breaks out it requires/attracts many more fleets/players - This detracts from the quality of the game - TIDI sucks - TIDI is created by large fights - Large fights are created due to structures.

A few years ago CCP changed sov mechanics (for the worse) to eliminate the need for large fleets to contest structures (TCU’s and Ihubs) - Fuk didn’t that go well - Structure bashes are far worse than TCU/Ihub bashing ever was.

I do hope that isn’t too complicated for you to understand.
You may enjoy spending 10 hours for a one hour fight to conclude - Many of us don’t.

Yes it is an MMO with most aspects of the game player driven - Only problem is, this is Eve where everything CCP gives us is abused, used to excess, manipulated and not until the shite hits the fan does CCP step in an take back control to keep things moving. “This is EVE” should have been considered BEFORE the first structure was released - Any simpleton who has played Eve for more than a month could have told you structure spam would become an issue - But no CCP wanted to get them out there into player hands and play the “wait and see” game - Now the game is in pretty bad shape due to structure spam (some alliances will never be removed from the sov they hold until the next Judge comes along) and CCP has no idea how to fix it.

I don’t get it. Are you saying that you yourself are being forced to own and administrate structures, creating tedium and annoyance for you?

Again, you are saying you are forced to own structures?

You don’t have to own a structure to be subjected to the tedium and annoyances of them all the time.

There is nothing complicated to understand in what you wrote. It is clear to me now that you (and probably the previous poster) are talking about null sec and sovereignty out there, and how sovereignty is generated, maintained, lost, etc. I know little if anything on that topic.

What I was talking about was the general idea and theme and theory that in an MMO, the more PC, and less NPC, the better. Thus, in my book, if you replace NPC-owned structures with PC-owned structures, that’s good, and if you replace NPC-driven activities (say, creating goods, creating services, creating markets, etc) with PC-driven ones, that’s good.

Having said that, of course in the final analysis, whether a game, a feature of a game, etc. is good or not depends on the implementation. I have no idea how things are implemented out in null sec, and I wasn’t commenting on that.