Hisec citadel spam

While citadel spam is issue not limited to hisec only, it is especially visible there as it is the only kind of space where you have to pay to attack structure (pay for wardec). This leads to huge amount of citadels anchored around hisec being relatively safe from any attacks. While abandoned state partially solved this issue, it is not enough and it is not hard to find hisec systems with 20+ structures anchored.
To somehow fight with this spam I would like to propose special item, something like “hisec anchor permit”, which could be bought from NPC (to create additional ISK sink). Citadels placed in hisec would consume such item every week (unlike quantum cores, where they must be bought just once). Such item would have to be placed in fuel bay.
Citadels which were not “fueled” with such item would enter low power mode until “anchor permit” is added. I believe that such item should cost around 100mil isk, tho it can be adjusted.
Such change would lead to further fight with structure spam in hisec and of course removing some isk from the game (which unlike quantum cores would be continuous isk sink).

Why do you care so much?

Why do you care so much?

Why not?
You can see that CCP is trying a lot of ideas right now, some of them are good and some of them are complete failure. I prefer to propose “safe” solution than wait for devs to figure out solution which everyone will hate even more.
Even if my solution will not reduce structure number in hisec, it will create new ISK sink. And personally I believe this game is lacking ISK sinks. CCP wants to decrease income of players, I believe that instead we should create more ISK sinks and it is the one, which will at least partially solve 2 problems.

Same solution was used in POS. Since CCP removed it I don’t see them brining it back.

You are to late. Cores where already introduced


It shows only public structures. But still, drop is massive and “spam” is not as big issue anymore. Still waiting for small structures…

I don’t think so

Deflation will be never good for any game. No one will play game where you only lose currency.

High sec citadel spam has mostly been dealt with. Inactive citadels are cleaned for the loot because they can go abandoned now, and undefended citadels are cleaned for the core.

The only spammed citadels that you see now are citadels that are fueled, active and defended. I don’t think it’s an issue when we see a lot of those. And if you do think it’s an issue, make a fleet and take them down!

You can always shoot them no?

Shoot them and profit!

It is current situation where devs are starving income to remove ISK income from the game. Look at faucets and sinks difference before starve era began, where much more ISK was created than removed. (And remember that CCP announced already that starving era will soon end, so income will raise again)

You can clearly see that more ISK being removed than created is just valid for recent few months including the one you presented (blackout period and dynamic bounty system period). Normally much more isk used to be created than deleted.

So you want to add 15M per day in fuel costs and have all of that be pure ISK sink…

Yea I don’t think so

Supposedly, this is a temporary thing. I give it 2 yrs max.

I believe that till the end of 2021 era of scarity will end

Since this BS started about a yr ago, our timelines are fairly in insync.

And like in RL all CCP will have accomplished is people will hoard minerals more to insure they have what they need.

As noted by others, the point of cores was to increase the cost to decrease the ease of spamming structures, and provide an active return for those choosing to shoot them and clear them away.